Best Direct X Plugins (besides WAVES)?

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by tumsadvil, Apr 12, 2001.

  1. tumsadvil

    tumsadvil Guest

    I know this is a DAW question, but I would suppose it relates to engineering. I have the PPII Renaissance collection, what are some other Plugins that are as good or better for Direct X? Thanks :confused:
  2. KBP

    KBP Guest

    There are a couple of good ones.

    Of course all of the Waves stuff

    TC Native Power Pack/ comp,par eq,graph eq,reverb
    TC Native essentials/ comp,eq,filter,verb (these are easier on the processor than above and are designed to be used as insert effects. I feel they sound slightly different than NPP) Both are really cool.

    Ultrafunk Sonitas/comp,lim,eq,modulator,phase,reverb

    Drumagog/drum retriggering plug

    Anwida/pretty cool reverbs


    This is pretty much my setup for DX plugs. These along side of various VST plugs and Nuendos Native plugs will give you a well rounded suite of decent effect personalities. Logic Audio has some pretty nice native meat and potato plugs as well.

    Happy effecting
  3. GigaBoy

    GigaBoy Member

    Apr 22, 2001
    KBP, have you noticed improvements in theplug-insin the most recent Nuendo release (1.5)? find the verbs have improved quite a bit.

  4. arneholm

    arneholm Guest

    I actually quite like the Timeworks effects.

    Their compressor sounds on some (like 60 percent) occasions even better than the Renneissance compressor.

    The RNC still shits on all of them in my opinion...

    Their Verb, Delay and Phazer are also decent and they are very processor-effective. The downside is tough that they are made to appear 'vintage' on a computer screen and well, the tiny-weeny 'needle' bouncing back and forth on a 'VU-meter' on top undecipherable numbers looks... well... stupid.

    On EQ's... The best I've actually found are still Samplitude native three band parametrics, no weird phase stuff like on Waves Renn EQ's, very clean. The downside is, they don't come standalone. Also the Samplitude compressors, really weird user interface (the controls are all the same that you would expect to see on normal compressors but they behave like they've come from another universe, so different are the responses to control movements compared to all the other's I've seen), very quirky but once you've got a hand on it, you can use them on most occasions with excellent results. The upside is that they are about 5 to 10 times, yes, 'times' more proccessor-efficient than any other compressor plugins there.
  5. Benoit

    Benoit Guest

    Check out Vincent Burel's stuff!
    Especially his mastering compressor C10 and Aphro-V1-reverb are amazing.

  6. Benoit

    Benoit Guest

    Check out Vincent Burel's stuff!
    Especially his mastering compressor C10 and Aphro-V1-reverb are amazing.

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