Best dynamic and/or condenser microphone for solo performer

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by bahed, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. bahed

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    I play both an acoustic guitar and a mandolin and do vocals through an Ultrasound 50 watt amplifier pointing out towards the audience. At times, I will have an additional acoustic musician. I have 15 volts of phantom power available for a condenser mic.

    Could some of you folks give me some recommendations on a microphone (hopefully under $150) as well as what pattern you think would work best.

    Thanks bunches !!
  2. bent

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    Where'd the other 33volts go?
  3. TheFraz

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    Good to hear it, I only got me a 12 volter.
    It works real well with dynamic mics.
  4. rfreez

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    why not the tried and trusted old favourite (or is this too obvious), the shure sm58? i cannot think of another known workhorse in the price range, to do vocal duties. also take a look at the electrovoice re16, tho' its about a hundred bucks over your budget... you can 'eat' the mic and still get a clean enough sound.
  5. RemyRAD

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    Save yourself an additional $20 US. Purchase yourself a Shure SM57 and a nice big foam pop filter. Put the pop filter on for vocals. Take the pop filter off for guitar recording. Cheap Chinese condenser microphones sound like cheap Chinese condenser microphones that are like cheap Radio Shaft Chinese condenser microphones, which sound cheap. The 57/58 sounds like most of the hits you grew up listening to on the radio because they are. Nuf said.

    Right, like I've never said nufin.
    Ms. Remy Ann David
  6. BobRogers

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    Another vote for the SM58/SM57. Buy them as your first mics, and you'll still have them if/when you have a $20,000 mic collection. (Check out the equipment list of just about any expensive recording studios.) Remy's right about the foam filter if you are good about making sure the pop filter doesn't get lost or dirty. If not, the ball on the 58 stays nice even when abused. Even if later on you save up to buy a nice small diaphragm condenser (SM81 or even Rode NT5) for the guitar/mando you'll want to keep the SM57 available for rooms with feedback problems.
  7. rfreez

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    not to be anal, but you can unscrew the windscreen off the sm58 when you are recording instruments. if your primary application is recording vocals, you are better off with an sm58, over an sm57, for the reasons bob mentioned. OTOH, the 57 tho' specs out better than the 58, goes about 10 Hz lower, and it could be useful for recording such things as bass.

    no matter which way you go, these will take road abuse better than any mic know to man or beast.

    oh and BTW, i think the 15v power is intended for use with some electret condensers used for micing guitars?

    good luck...

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