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Best Firewire/USB Interface for Under or Around $200?

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by FourthQuarter, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. Alot of people say the Mackie Onyx Satellite has some really quality mic pre's and quality drivers/converters, especially for the price.

    Anybody have experience with this one or have better advice?

  2. By the way, it will be used exclusively for hip-hop vocals, so I only need 1 channel... I don't want to pay for any features I don't need. I want the best sound quality quality quality that I can get for my money.

  3. oh, and i'm recording onto a Macbook Pro.
  4. 1000heads

    1000heads Guest

    you know what, i've tried different m-audio products, presonus, focusrite, the mbox (1,2 and pro), different usb and firewire mixers, and the mackie onyx series. I actually thought the mackie onyx series was the best out of all of these. I have used it with logic pro and have had better recordings than with my mbox. (i use both logic and protools on my i book). this is just a personal preference. The only drawback of the onyx sattelite is that you have to plug it in, thus rendering your laptop a little less portable. Still it's selling for less than 200 bux now, and i think thats a great deal. If you want to check something else thats a little cheaper, look up the PreSonus Inspire 1394. what kind of mics do you use?
  5. i just got a AT3035.

    and yeah, i was looking at the Inspire as a possibility as well... and i have also found a used Firewire 410 on Craigslist that is in my price range... is the quality of this product much better (remember extra channels aren't important to me) than the Onyx or Inspire to where it would be better for me to buy that used than one of those other 2 new?
  6. 1000heads

    1000heads Guest

    really, i would research. I personally prefer the onyx, but thats because I like to use the analog controls vs. the digital controls on the computer screen, and also the extra mic pre may come in handy if you plug something in that you want to record in stereo(like if one of your clients has a sampler or an effect that has stereo outputs). I just mentioned the inspire because it costs a little less, still has a decent preamp, and fits what you think you need. you might want to look into a better mic too, like the rode NT1a, but really(and i know that i'm singing to the choir)- always try to utilize what you have to the fullest, take whatever advice you can get and keep practicing, honing your skills. Also the quality for a lot of what you record has to do with the source. Talent will always take you farther than tools, though the tools are necassary to help display your talent.
  7. it seems like all i've been doing is research lol... i just want to make sure i make the smartest buy and get the best sound quality i possibly can for my money.
  8. basilbowman

    basilbowman Guest

    Just found this - but I'm a big fan of the M-Audio 410firewire. It's flexible so you can do more with it if you want to, it's got two channels, decent preamps, and a solid MIDI controller. And you can get them used for like a hundred bucks. Just a thought,

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