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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by AB2, Aug 10, 2005.

  1. AB2

    AB2 Guest

    Any recommendations? I have the Waves L3 multimaximizer. Should I just use the eq function in that (is it as good as their linear eq?) OR should I use an eq from another manufacturer altogether? I also want something better than the waves L10 or rennaisance eq.
    THANKS for any recommendations.
  2. aivoryuk

    aivoryuk Guest

    although you can cut and boost up to 12 db's of frequency with the L3 I would say its use is more as a wide and multiband limiter rather than a eq.

    I don't think I would use it just for Eq.

    there are many Eq's for directx/vst out there and I've tested most of them it depends the type of sound you're after

    then try
    algorithmix, they are rated very highly
    waves linear are also particulary good

    ones i tried and liked
    JMS hi resoution Eq
    URS eq bundle
    Steinberg Q metric ( an oldy but a goody)

    ones i tried and didn't like
    PSP Master Q
    TC works
    voxengo curve
    of course that just my opinion im sure there are other people that would say the opposite its really personal choice and what you want

  3. Massive Mastering

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    Jul 18, 2004
    Chicago area, IL, USA
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    The only one that's ever floored me was UAD's Precision EQ.
  4. aivoryuk

    aivoryuk Guest

    although i've not tried that one myself cause you need the hardware card, i've heard good things about that one (i know you like it John)

  5. AB2

    AB2 Guest

    I downloaded the JMS hi precision eq for direct X. It sounds great. ONLY $75!!!!
    Thanks for the advice.
  6. JoeH

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    Jun 22, 2004
    Philadelphia, PA/ Greenville, DE
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    Check out the Algorithmix Red or Orange EQ VST plugs, too.

    You can try out the demo online at:
  7. AB2

    AB2 Guest

    I could not find where I can try the Algorithmix eq demos on line. Can you get me a direct link? THANKS.
  8. Sonarerec

    Sonarerec Guest

    I Googled and came up with

    Click on the one you want, then find "demo" in the upper right menu

    I own Orange and NoiseFree-- I could NOT live without them!

    They are coming out with Blue, which adds a little more color (naturally).

    People with firstclass outboard gear (like Allan Silverman at ARF) have declared the stuff to be the sonic equal of outboard gear. No little thing!

  9. AB2

    AB2 Guest

    What is the difference between the red and orange eq? from Algorithmix?
    THANKS in advance.
  10. lucidwaves

    lucidwaves Guest

    The difference is basically the implementation and types of filters:

    I have only tried the Red, but was absolutely astounded at how natural it sounded. Very very transparent, much moreso than the waves lp.

    I love the UAD precision eq and pultec but I am definately hooked and saving up for the algorithmix. Maybe use it for the surgical stuff and the UAD eqs for touches of color.

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