Best mic for less than 200 pounds!

Discussion in 'Vocalists' started by deejaybee, Jul 5, 2005.

  1. deejaybee

    deejaybee Guest

    Hello Everyone!

    Can anyone recommend a decent vocal mic for less than 200 pounds?

    I have currently been using a Samson C01 but obviously that sa very sheap condensor mic and I would like to add a few more mics to my armoury.

    Im recording vocals from my home studio, using duvets as a makeshift vocal booth which seems to work nicely.. what I would like to do is try and get the best recording possible for my money.

    Thanks In Advance

  2. moonbaby

    moonbaby Mmmmmm Well-Known Member

    The Samson is pretty rough. You might look at a good live mic in your budget area. The Shure SM58 will outperform a cheap mic like that. You might also look at an Audix OM6. Since both of these mics were designed for live sound vocals, they have a more directional pattern which will assist you in getting a decent sound in a not-so-great room. A lot of folks on this site like the Studio Projects B1
    condenser, but for my money, stick to a professional live vocal mic in that price range. They tend to sound better and hold up longer.

    By the way, isn't 200 pounds kinda heavy for a mic? (Sorry, I couldn't resist!)...
  3. deejaybee

    deejaybee Guest

    *edit: just got it :wink: :lol: :lol: *
  4. mikE@THECAVE

    mikE@THECAVE Guest

    I might look into the SP T-3 for 499.$. :lol: .Forget the others :evil:
    How much is a pound now--???
    you can thank me later :lol:
  5. moonbaby

    moonbaby Mmmmmm Well-Known Member

    About $300.00...
    When you get there, an E-V RE-20 is a great mic choice: versatile, solid, reliable.
    At $500.00 (320 pounds), the various models available opens up. But that's in the States. Pricing for "pro audio" is totally different in other parts of the world. Many "cheap" lines here have to through a bunch of handlers, distributors, customs, and the like that definitely drive the prices WAY up.:)
  6. Digger

    Digger Guest

    I will be posting this in more detail in the next week or so but a friend and I just undertook a very comprehensive vocal mic test with over 22 microphones. I will be posting the website soon with audio samples etc.... We tested both a male and female vocalist with microphones ranging from $300 USD all the way to $7000 USD. Although it is a bit a premature to announce, our testing showed that by far and away the MXL V69 offers the absolute best performance to price ratio - period end of point. It bested mics worth 10 times the amount. So my adivce is that you go with an MXL V69 you will not go wrong , trust me.

    No I don't work for MXL or a store or a website - just a working joe who really likes microphones.
  7. moonbaby

    moonbaby Mmmmmm Well-Known Member

    Working Joe:
    What were some of the mics that the MXL V69 beat out? What models in the $7K price range? Just curious...
  8. captaininvisible

    captaininvisible Active Member

    For that price you can get

    ADK A51S Pro Type V (£130)
    ADK A51 SL/ Vienna/Hamburg (£170)
    AKG C2000B (£105)
    AKG C3000B (£149. Don't laugh, it might be just the right mic for him :p )
    Audio Technica AT2020 (£70)
    Audio Technica AT3035 (£130)
    Audio Technica AT4033 (£160)
    Audio Technica AT4040 (£200)
    Beyerdynamic M260 (£170)
    Beyerdynamic MCE90 (£200)
    CAD M177 (£195)
    JoeMeek JM47 (£90)
    M-Audio Luna (£110)
    M-Audio Solaris (£160)
    Rode NT1000 (£160)
    Rode NT1A (£120)
    Rode NT2A (£195)
    SE Electronics SE2200A (£140)
    Studio Projects C1 (£125)
    Studio Projects C3 (£190)
    Studio Projects TB1 (£195)

    And a whole host of dynamics

    BTW, has anyone spotted the odd man out? :wink:
  9. Kuzan

    Kuzan Guest

    I use an Audio Technica 3035 as my main mic in the studio to record vocals (female and male) and acoustic guitars. Though a nice pre, the results are exceptional.

    If you are using plug-ins then you should just use a good dynamic like an SM58. For some reason I find that vox recorded through a dynamic respond better to plug-ins.
  10. the_gid

    the_gid Guest

    where do you get a AT4033 for £160 from?!
  11. captaininvisible

    captaininvisible Active Member

    Digital Village :)

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