Best mic to match up with M-Audio pre amp

Discussion in 'Preamps / Channel Strips' started by IlluminatiRecords, Jun 11, 2005.

  1. Hey guys, I just joined this forum today and seeing as i'm a begginer i have a begginer question for you. What would be the best mic in the 200 dollar range to match up with an M-Audio Ozone Midi Controller with a built in pre amp? Im looking for something that works well with rap and RnB vocals. Thanks for the help!

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    In the $200 range the best mics I've found are the SP C1 and the rode NT1-a- the kel mic is also getting good reviews around here but I haven't heard it myself- as far as matching your pre i have no idea as I haven't heard your particular pre, but if you are looking for decent $200 mics, those are the ones I've found acceptable.
  3. Thanks for the reply :D
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    Another option seems to be Audio Technica 3035.

    I mentioned "seems to" as I'm also new to this field, and all my knowledge is indirect, from the Internet, not from actual usage.
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    Does the Oxygen pre have 48V Phantom Power?

    If so, the R0DE NT1-A is the bomb for $200 bucks. 5dB self-noise for $200 bucks? Damn! That's worth the price alone.

    But if those pres are really cheap sounding and noisy, this mic will just make that more obvious.

    If no Phantom Power, just get a cardioid dynamic mic.

    For male vox around $200, I would recommend a Shure Beta 58. It can also double as your live gig mic since it is virtually indestructible. It's like an SM58 but is more tuned for male vocals.

    You get what you pay for in this price range, so don't expect miracles. (Although those R0DES are getting pretty close!)

    Good luck!
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    Illuminati Records, huh? Trying to bring down the global elite, are we? ;)

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