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    Apr 12, 2012
    Hello guys! Ever since last year I have been wanting to be a producer for hip hop, rap, house and dubstep (nice mix eh?). Now I have been using fl studio lately and it has been working great! The problem is I want to take this seriously and to the next level so I now need a midi controller. My budget is 450$ and below are two links of the two music stores I am purchasing the midi controller from. Now It has to have a keyboard ( 49 +) with it (no kidding) and a drum sampler on it would be helpful. I was looking at the novation impulse 49 but I fear theres better and Iive heard of compatibility errors with FL which brings me to my next point. The midi controller MUST be compatible with: fl studio, ableton live, logic pro and maschine (or sonar), fl and ableton being the top priority here. I also dont have midi input on my computer so usb connection instead of midi, (or a usb soundcard/interface with midi input can help aswell but it must be bundled with the midi controller still at 450$ total, including the specifications I listed above). Anyways here are the links:

    1. Steves music store: Guitar Accessorie. Moog audio: MOOG AUDIO - Canada's Best Music Store Online IF there is any reccomendation on better software I could use please that would be good!
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    Aren't most controllers programmable? I am also paying very close attention to what Akai is coming out with in the next few months. The new MPC's are most likely going to be awesome.

    Introducing the next Generation of Akai Pro MPC - The Akai MPC Studio

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