Best mp3 App for Fraunhofer Encoding...???

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by mark4man, Feb 14, 2010.

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    [hope this is the correct board...]

    hello again...

    used to use WaveLab 4 for this task ( Fraunhofer mp3 encoding)...but upgrading to v5 only gives the user 20 shots...then Steinberg tells you the mp3 plugin is no longer supoported in WL (!#$%^&*!~!???).

    So...since I'm a die-hard Fraunhofer man...

    does anyone know what the best app is out there for this type of codec....???

    [don't necessarily need their new fast technology (FastENC)...would much rather have quality].



    btw - my general view on mp3 is the following: 'they don't sound as good as wma'. please don't bust my chops for this, or come back & tell me to switch to Lame, Xing,'s my opinion, based on years of listening. wma's sound open & more detailed...mp3's sound a bit masked (in comparison).

    this said...Fraunhofer is the only codec that comes up to snuff (imo)...& mp3's ARE a necessary & important medium for music web delivery...& I have no intention to stop using them...just lookin' for an app w/ the best codec, that's all.
  2. djmukilteo

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    Well if it isn't the right board, it's certainly a duplicate posting that you made on KVR!
    What exactly is the app your looking for?
    Are you saying WaveLab just doesn't provide that codec as an option?
    Steinberg does that on LE editions of their software with MP3 encoding and you have to buy the codec after the 20 uses.
    Full version of Cubase will encode MP3 without limitations but I don't think the Fraunhofer codec is an option either...
    Of course you can download and buy the Fraunhofer codec if you want to....
    I use Poikosoft Easy CD-DA Extractor as an audio converter program. it's costs around $40US for the pro version.
    I tend to use VBR and I consider it a better overall compression technique than standard 128.
    Some people claim that one codec sounds better than others but I think that's mostly psychological....I don't think there's any serious studies or real science to it..

    EDIT In checking the Cubase VST plugins the MP3 codec is Fraunhofer...
  3. AudioGaff

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    Feb 23, 2001
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    Like it makes any real difference to worry about. Use whatever you have access to. Since MP3 is crap, it is never going to be better than crap What flavor or crap do you prefer? I myself, hate all crap....
  4. djmukilteo

    djmukilteo Well-Known Member

    Nov 23, 2008
    Rainy Roads WA USA
    Hear, Hear....I's all the same really....
    But I was just trying to be somewhat helpful...
    The OP kinda made that out to be a big deal like "gotta have frankenhoferstein"
    So who knows......maybe just a little edumatcation....and people will move on....nothing to see here!
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