Best Multi Purpose Compressor for Under £200

Discussion in 'Compressors / Limiters (analog)' started by tomshave, Jan 19, 2006.

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    Hi, just looking for a bit of advice on the best compressor available for around £200. It will be used for most things, from rap vocals to sung vocals (tenor and bass), also guitars, bass, looped breakbeats, digital and real piano, analog (Juno) and digital (DX21) synth. Basically want something multi purpose. Also would quite like something that can be very subtle, but could also be used fairly aggressively. The mics we’ll be using are an AKG C1000 and (hopefully) a Rode NT-1a. We record into a Tascam 2488.
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    Mar 24, 2005
  3. tomshave

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    I'd had a look at that, seems nice, and more importantly quite user friendly for a compression novice. They're exactly £200 in the UK, so that seems the way to go

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