Best Music Systems for small bar/club

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by Johnny_Gonzo, Jul 13, 2004.

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  1. Johnny_Gonzo

    Johnny_Gonzo Guest

    I'm putting together a music system for a medium sized bar/club, and wanted to get as many equipment recommendations as possible from musicians (before I spend lots o' money). So please, if you have any opinions related to: PA systems, Subs, Amplifiers, Soundboards, etc.. I am just trying to ask as many seasoned musicians I can who know what a pain it is to play somewhere with a crap sound system.

    The place is medium sized bar atmosphere, about 2500 sq.ft., decent stage for at least a six piece band (drums, keyboard, stacks, etc.). Thanks for your ideas.
  2. mckojack

    mckojack Guest


    check out the Yorkville powered stuff(they are the company that made Traynor amps)...great bang for the buck, and you can daisy-chain XLR cables between all the monitors and subs.

    also, spec in feedback suppressors...the ones from dbx seem to work well.

    hope that helps,

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