Best PCMCIA FireWire card for an Mbox setup?

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by rakane, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. rakane

    rakane Guest

    Hi folks,

    I've been messing around with my new MBox setup w ProTools LE 7.4 and have had not much luck in the Digi forums and compatibility req's pages for finding a FW card that I can connect to an external HD for dedicated recording goodness.

    I've searched this amazing forum and have found the HD I think I need and almost found the PCMCIA card -- so my question, what is -THE- PCMCIA card -- on the Digi pages it mentions a couple PCI based cards but there's zippo on PCMCIA for a laptop . . .

    any luck? suggestions? I know Texas Instrument chipset is the way to go? SIIG really sucks apparently? The card should be externally powered as well? That's the part I'm having trouble with, a lot of the cards I've browsed don't really state this info. explicitly. . . Thanks SO much in advance, this forum is godsend.

    Any help / guidance is much appreciated!

  2. EricUndead

    EricUndead Guest

    I have never heard of an externally powered "Firewire card". I think what you want is an externally powered Firewire interface so that the interface is not being powered by the card itself IE your battery.

    When looking for a firewire card it is best to visit the support/forums of the manufacture of the interface your buying. This is a mistake I made buying my card.

    TI is best usually and it is best to stay away from comb/usb cards. Also some interfaces dont like 800mbs cards.

    Hope this helps
  3. RecorderMan

    RecorderMan Distinguished Member

    Mar 28, 2001
    I have the SIGG card... didn't buy the external power supply... no need if your drives are self powered. I have ZERO problems with it...

    works great. I have a Mac Book Pro i use is on with an Mbox 2 pro interface
  4. rakane

    rakane Guest

    EricUndead: Yes, it does help, I appreciate it.

    RecorderMan: Thank you, also my apologies as my question was pretty vague / semi-retarted. . . I'm kind of older so yeah in my Laptop (Dell, running Windows XP) it's actually an ExpressCard, not PCMCIA . . . I also have the Mbox Mini and it's been running famously. Anyway, I think I'll check that out. Thanks again.
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