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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by Rome, Mar 16, 2005.

  1. Rome

    Rome Guest

    I am going to buy a digi 002r and cannot decide if I should get the factory bundle, or if I should skip that and get the Waves Musician's Bundle II. I have asked this on the DUC forum as well, but haven't heard much, just looking for more input. Thanks
  2. fontane

    fontane Guest

    i love waves... i would prefer waves over the factory bundle... you may also wanna consider a powercore? about the same price with external dsp processing power as well as third party plugs... not sure if its compatible with pt le though?
  3. IMO as far as native plug bundles go i dont think you can get better than waves. But if you are looking for any type of plug bundle go grab the UAD-1 or the Powercore with the bundle that suits your needs.
  4. Digger

    Digger Guest

    If you can afford it I would specifically recommend the Waves Gold Bundle - it has the best range of useable plug ins VS Price within the wave package range (in my opinion). Only problem with Waves is that they are absolute CPU pigs - make sure you have a tweaked out computer rig.

    I have the UAD-1 studio pak and I am luke warm thus far. First off it's a bit of a PITA to install. If you are using Protools you will have to use a delay compnesation insert on many of your tracks. Real Verb Pro is pretty good and flexible. The UAD does a good job in replicating some vintage compressors like the; LA2a, 1176, Fairchild. The main strength with the UAD-1 is that you can save yourself some valuable CPU as everything is run off of the UAD card. Waves is still the best place to start

    I also really like the (not to be confused with waves) plug in's - the Power Couple is a great bundle and super easy to use. I still use the 'Track plug' plug' all the time. I also really like their Multi-Dynamics plug in which I pruchased seperately. Waveart plug-ins are also CPU friendly.

    My favorite plug in compressor is from the Focusrite D2/D3 bundle, the EQ is pretty nice as well. This is something you may want to consider later on as it is only EQ and Compression and you will probable want more options if you are just starting out.

    Always remember that you can try many of these plug ins by dowloading on a trial basis. Hope that helps.
  5. FOHman

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    UAD-1 is good. If you stay away from Protools you'll find that things are a lot easyier and cheaper to buy with the same end result. I'll take Samplitude over PT anyday
  6. fontane

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    I bought the UAD for my G5 but I do not think I could live without my Waves plug-ins though... L2, Time Stretch, Tap Delay, etc...
  7. Diste

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    everyone seems to prefer Waves, they are great plugins but I also like Bomb Factory mainly for the immediate graphic interface and because I'm a SansAmp PSA-1 addicted! :)
  8. fontane

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    diamonds are an engineer's best friend
  9. dpd

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    Sep 29, 2004
    I'm hearing the new EQIII (free from Digi) is a good-sounding EQ. Grab it!

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