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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by munkee, Apr 5, 2002.

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    I currently use Cubase and plan to upgrade to Cubase SX. I follow many other forums on computer recording and many are biased to a certain software.

    I understand the differences with plugins,CPU usaged and the sound card being used. But lets say you were going to plug your guitar into the same or similar sound card and record into any of the known recording software:Cubase, Pro Tools, Logic, Sonar.

    Would you notice a difference in sound quality? Keep in mind that there's no plugins or anything being added...Just straight guitar, mic, keyboard or whatever you'd want to record.

    Could you notice the difference????????
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    I would venture to say that I'd hear a difference in summing buses. In one 16 bit stereo track, I probably wouldn't hear a difference because there is no processing happening. However as soon as you start summing anything, bit rates, dither, phase differences make their issues on the sound.

    I'm an avid supporter of the Samplitude/Sequoia platform (I use Sequoia) because they have taken so much care in the design of summing buses as well as their native plugins. Its use of 32 bit float, dithering, and the bit resolution of its processing (it varies bit depth with fades, etc...) is my understanding of why it sounds as good as it does.

    When not having to process, you won't hear much difference in playback beyond the quality of your playback device, jitter, etc...


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