Best Rode Mics for Overheads

Discussion in 'Room & Overhead' started by chris_raethke, May 4, 2003.

  1. Hello all, i'm currently looking to buy some mics for a home project type studio. The cost needs to be bear minimum as its mainly for pre-production and i can't afford anything too flash.
    I was hoping to buy just enough mics to do a kit on 8 tracks (Basic PC with midiman delta1010 setup). I was hoping that I can also use these same mics for micing guitars/bass and vocals.

    (I already have 2 sm 58's)
    I was looking at getting the shure drum mic pack(beta52 for kick, 3 57's for toms/guitars)

    I then basically wanted to get 3 more condensors that i can use for hats, overheads and vocals.

    I was thinking 2 x rode nt1a's (overheads and also re-use open vocals), and a nt3 for hats.
    I can also later on get another nt3 for use on ride cymbal?? if required. The other option would be to get a matched pair of nt5's for overheads. Maybe the nt5's would make great hat/ride mics and nt1a's for overheads. I have used the nt3's for overhaeds before and found them to work quite well for the level of recording i am doing. Any pointers into why i would want a large diaphram mic for overheads (or not), and why this particular rode would be better for hats/ride/overheads thn any other would be appreciated.

    Also if anyone can recommend any variations on this that i can get easily in australia and are around the same price give or take $300-400 (I can get the whole above mentioned mics for about $1500 AUS)
  2. Doug Milton

    Doug Milton Active Member

    Sep 23, 2002
    Definitely check out Rode’s new stereo mic. Great for fixed X / Y pattern overheads and makes the toms sound full also.

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