Best snare drum for this session?

Discussion in 'Drums' started by woods, Jun 23, 2004.

  1. woods

    woods Guest

    I am looking in the Interstate Music catalogue for a good mid-priced snare to get for my studio. Also, a set of congas?

    I want it for sessions that require subtle snare accompanyment. Brush work and quiet rim shot stuff.

    Is steel or wood better for the following. And particular wood ie. birch etc.? Snare size - diameter and height? Type of skin? For the following kind of stuff? What type of brushes?

    Music is accoustic upright bass, accoustic guitar, piano, mandolin, occasionally a tele through Fender Deluxe reverb. Also other percussion - conga, Cabasa, Guiro, Woodblocks, Tambourine. With vocals.

    Production examples: J.J. Cale. Bob Dylan's Love and Theft. Folk - bluegrass tinged country -old country/rockabilly, ala Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, etc.

    Also, for this type of stuff is the 10 and 11 inch conga best or the 11 and 12 inch?


  2. woods

    woods Guest

    Does the type of wood really make a big difference in the sound?

    For example:

    warmth and balance of maple
    brightness of cherry
    darker tones of walnut
    highly resonant oak
    attack and projection of birch.

    What would be best for the production I described above?

  3. bhuvan

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    Jan 31, 2004
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    the best thing to do is to go around to your music store and try out all these different types..

    also listen to recordings of the kinds that you've mentioned and see what is the equipment that those artists use (or used for that session)..

    the recording and production part totally changes the equation from there on and i can't say more than this.
  4. woods

    woods Guest

    Thanks - at least - for the reply.

    India? Far out. what's happening in the recording scene around you?

  5. woods

    woods Guest

    I am still researching.

    For my desired productions. What would you think of the Ludwig Black Beauty. Somebody told me on the phone that because I was talking about alot of brush work that the metal drum would be best to high light the brush work. anything to this opinion?


  6. woods

    woods Guest

    Does Anybody know what snare that David Kemper, Chad Cromwell and Jimmy Ibbotson uses?



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