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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by willjrockstar, Dec 29, 2007.

  1. Hello everyone, Im tryin to figure out what upgrade would strenghten my recording chain the most.My monitors I believe are the weakest part of my chain right now,but i have a guy building me a custom set guaranteed(by him) to please.
    The other thing is i know i need a different mic for vocals but its gonna have to wait for summer till i can afford some thing high end.

    Heres a list of what im running right now my price range for advancement is about $1,200.Thanks for helpin

    AKG D112 FOCUSRITE ISA 428(no A/D card)
    SURE Beta 52 DBX 266XL(comp)
    SURE Beta 58 LEXICON MPX 500(fx processor)
    SURE SM58 Plenty of good plug ins
    SURE SM57 RP-15MC EQUATION headphones
    SURE SM 81 Nuendo 3
    SURE SM 81 Windows XP 2005
    OCTAVIA MK 319
    A. TECHNICA- mystery mic

    I think my sound card is a sound blaster 24 bit (Is this card any good,Is it killin me,or doesnt it matter)
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    I really hope you're not using that Soundblaster card when you have a Firpod sitting there. The Firepod is what you're using for I/O, yes/no?

    I don't know exactly what you should blow your $1200 on, but you should get an AT4033 and THE RECORDING ENGINEER'S HANDBOOK by Bobby Owsinski. You'll still have $700 or $800 to play with and you'll have a great Vocal/Acoustic/Utility mic and a couple hundred pages of wisdom to work into your flow.
  3. Hey balls thanks for the reply, Yes I am using the firepod for I/O,but that whole card issue is pretty unclear to me. Is my signal somehow still hitting the soundblaster? Do i even need to worry about it?
    I dig the idea about the AT4033 and the handbook. I,ll have to go to the shop and give that mic a listen. If it sounds right ,we may have just saved $700.That could go towards a Neumannn this summer or maybe I'll eat.

    Thanks for yr input

    my last post got a little screwed up ill try and fix it
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    Pull the sound blaster from your computer..

    Then enter the bias of your mother board, only if you have onboard sound also, and disable the onboard audio.. then your computer will default to the firepod..

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