best way to convert my four 1/4 inputs to XLR ??

Discussion in 'Accessories / Connections' started by thevessels, Aug 14, 2003.

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  1. thevessels

    thevessels Guest

    i got the 002 rack. its real great.
    but im wondering whats the best way to convert my other 4 analog 1/4 inputs to XLR...
    i was looking at the SMPro pr4 on musiciansfriend.
    SMPro Audio 4 channel pre amp
    im guessing these pres wont compare much to my digi pre's..but do u think ill get decent results?
    or is there some other simple product like this..maybee a 4 or 8 tube pre....
    i went to L&M (guitar center of canada) and they really didnt have any answers or products to meet my need.

    micing a kit with 4 mics is fine for now....but when u can
    have up to 8.....


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  2. Doublehelix

    Doublehelix Well-Known Member

    Oct 7, 2001
    It is so ironic that you bring this piece up because I was just looking at it! In another post here, I am looking at different ways to split a guitar signal, (A/B box seems to be the best way), but on another forum, someone mentioned that they use a similar box to the one you mention by the same manufacturer. When I asked how they used it to split their signal, they replied that I shouldn't bother 'cause the thing was not of very good quality, and they were going to trash theirs for something better.

    Here is the quote from the other forum:

    Now I am not sure if his comments would apply to the model you are looking at or not, but I would think that you should at least consider his comments when making you decision.

    Good luck!
  3. FloodStage

    FloodStage Active Member

    Feb 23, 2003
    Probably more money than you want to spend, but you can get a Digimax LT on e-bay for about 500 usually.
    (There's a new one for 599 right now)

    You 002 has lightpipe in doesn't it? You'd have 12 pre's then and you'd still have the 4 line ins open.
  4. Doublehelix

    Doublehelix Well-Known Member

    Oct 7, 2001
    Hey Floodstage...I see you're from the Indy area...

    Howdy neighbor! :w:
  5. FloodStage

    FloodStage Active Member

    Feb 23, 2003
    Howdy neighbor!

    It's a good day to live in the midwest.
    (no blackouts here)

    The A/C feels mighty nice today!
  6. thevessels

    thevessels Guest

    ye it does have lightpipe...
    but i really dont know exactly what that is..
    if i used somethni like the Digimax LT would all the channels be seperate through the lightpipe?
    or would it all just be 1 single input.
    i think i sould just open PT now and see what i can find
    thanks for your help.

    how about the old behringer magician
    Beheringer Item on E Bay
    would this work?
    to me it only has the "warmth" control..would this double as a volume/gain control?
    please gimmie some more opinions.
    thanks alot!

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  7. thevessels

    thevessels Guest

    ok i have 8 adat inputs on my channel interface selector..
    does that mean i have the 8 inputs from the lightpipe?
  8. FloodStage

    FloodStage Active Member

    Feb 23, 2003

    I believe this is the 002 that you have:
    (Dead Link Removed)

    In the middle of the back panel there are 2 jacks marked optical (1 for in - 1 for out).
    Those are you light pipe input and output.
    One lightpipe cable carries 8 channels.
    You would connect a lightpipe cable from the digimax to the optical-in on the 002.
    Then you would have 8 more preamps (12 total) and still have the 4 extra line ins.

    If 5-600 bucks is too much then you could always get the Studio Projects VTB-1

    (Dead Link Removed)

    It has a tube in there and costs about $129!

    I haven't tried it myself, so I can't say anything about the sound quality but I'm sure if you do a search on this forum, you will find people that have used it.

    (I think Harvey Gerst did a review on it)

    I haven't heard anything at all (good or bad) about the Behringer piece you mention.

    Hope this helps!
  9. thevessels

    thevessels Guest

    yeah i think i might go for a blue tube or too
    ive heard good things about them
    and i could use them as tube pres for my digi mic inputs.
    but im sure eventually ill go for that digimax.
    thanks for your help, i didnt know the lightpipe was so powerfull..
    but would you go for the studio projects pre befe a presonus one like the bluetube or tube pre?
  10. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Well-Known Member

    Jul 2, 2002
    77 Sunset Lane.
    Hey guys,
    I edited those addys and turned them into hyperlinks so the page would be readable without having to scroll left to right etc..

    My 2 cents on the pres. I don't know how serious you are about recording. If you are at all serious, none of the pres mentioned are very good. The PreSonus Digimax would probably be the best of the bunch. It is a twin servo design, like that on SSL pres but there is so much stuff out there that is waaaay better. But it costs.

    Sebatron makes a very nice 4 channel tube pre for $1450 / $1250 street. A lifetime investment.vmp-4000 review
    Sebatrons web site

    I also am very hot on the JLM TMP8 pre.. this is 8 channels of Focusrite Red type pre clones.. at $1850 it's pricey but that's for 8 channels! That works out to $231.50 per channel. Economy of scale makes this low per channel cost possible.

    JLM TMP-8 eight channel mic pre

    The Behringer stuff, fugedaboudit! Pure crap! I tried a VTB 1 and I personally didn't like how it sounded but there is a chance the one I got my hands on was not working correctly (It sounded that bad). I didn’t even bother dialing in the tube. You can hear what I am talking about in the U87 vs SP B1 / C3 comparisons I posted.
    (Dead Link Removed)

    It all comes down to what you are doing and why you are doing it. If you want to make recordings that sound as good as the "big kids" stuff, top quality mics and pres are in order. Save your cash, buy one quality piece at time. You will get there. Good things come to those who wait. However, if you want to make CDr's for Grandma and the family to listen to or just want to document your compositions and never intend to disseminate them to the outside world, these inexpensive mics and pres could be just what you are looking for.. Hope that helps, Kurt
  11. thevessels

    thevessels Guest

    well i think for me using 6+ mics at a time is more important than 1000+ pres. but thanks alot for your input.. ill agree with you about the studio projects and behringer...but i think ill go for the blue tube.
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