best way to go pro tools?

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by Multani, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. Multani

    Multani Guest

    well i have been using a cubase setup for the past year but now i want to get a job as an engineer- so i guess it would be useful to learn the program they all seem to use- pro tools!

    obviously, being 17 i cant afford the full blown pro tools HD or whatever it is (the prices scare me much!).

    so yea- i need a small, mobile, relatively cheap setup that i can learn the basics on and still get ok demo's for my band out of it..........

    from what i can see- its either pro tools LE or pro tools M-Powered- are there much difference between these two programs? anyone have a preferance of which is better??

    people say you should chose the program first, then the hardware etc. dont they?
    so then what would you suggest out of all the digidesign and m-audio stuff??
    i am going to need a couple of mic inserts with pre-amps, midi capabilities and up to 96khz. USB 2 or firewire, some line outs for monitoring.

    there are sooo many to chose from...
  2. jonnyc

    jonnyc Member

    Apr 21, 2005
    You already know what you need so really you don't need our help. You really just need to do some more research, go to and read. Then you should be able to make a decision. If you need additional pro tools help then check out But honestly if you already run cubase then don't worry about learning pro tools. IF and thats generally a big IF, but if you get a job in a pro studio they probably wouldn't let you touch anything to start anyway. I'd say the best way to get into pro tools is to intern at a studio and try to see what they do.
  3. Kev

    Kev Well-Known Member

    Nov 13, 2001
    cheap second hand 001 with an ADA8000
    XP and PT6.4

    get yourself some sm57 and 58 and a couple of extra mics for kick and OH ... a couple of DI boxes

    and just do it

    don't spend money on digital but do get quality Mics, Headphones and Speakers.
    Make yourself some quality Leads and Adapters and Interface boxes and

    Learn by doing ... and asking lots of questions
  4. hiredesign

    hiredesign Guest

    pro tizlools

    If you got a semi crap pc handy, you could install windows 98 then slap protools free on it an see if you like it....
    im currently doing this... see if i like PT a stuff.

  5. Multani

    Multani Guest

    i dont get it- why 98? PT for free??
  6. David French

    David French Well-Known Member

    Jun 19, 2002
    There is a very crappy version of PT that only runs on Win 98. Don't bother. The experience is nothing like using the modern PT software.
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