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Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by MadDogE134, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. MadDogE134

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    hello this is my first post here... so here goes.

    i am setting up a home direct recording studio for myself and all is going well i think. i bought the Proteus X by E-MU that came with the 0404 sound card. i also have the Samson Resolv 50a studio monitors for accurate response. i love the fact that i can plug my PODxt Live directly into the sound card in stereo. i also have the E-MU Xboard 49 to control the synthesizer. so basically all input is done directly... from guitars, keyboards and drums.

    what i am wondering, if you know the 0404 set up, what is the best way to monitor vocals. i have the Samson C01U Studio USB Mic which is the only recording device with air involved.

    it says that it is ok to run another sound card with the 0404 but have not installed one as of yet. i also have on-board sound disabled at this point.

    if i record backing tracks with drums, piano and guitar... when i go back to record vocals... what is the best way to kill the speakers so they do not loop into the mic but still be able to here all parts while recording vocals.

    i was thinking about trying the on-board sound enabled and set the output to it and recording in to the mic. then all i have to do is either detach or turn off the studio monitors during recording and use headphones.

    i also have an Creative Audigy sound card (not the Audigy 2... the first one) that i can install and do the same.

    just wondering if i am overlooking something or if anyone has a better solution.
  2. Nirvalica

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    just mute the monitors. you could get a monitor control thing so you can switch between different monitors if you ever get more and headphones. and usually most of those things have multiple headphone outs. but when recording with a mic, always use headphones.
  3. MadDogE134

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    that kinda goes without saying...

    since there is not much response to this i reckon it will be trial and error. what i was seeking was possible routes to get the same thing done.

    my problem is i do not trust the accuracy of neither the on-board/pci sound reproduction nor the headphones... but i reckon just for the vocal tracks it can be tolerated.

    i had tried to get a Y adapter so i could unplug the 1/4" mono lines from each speaker and have them go directly into headphones but i can't find what i am needing as of yet. i need two female 1/4" mono into one female 1/4" stereo. it is a simple Y adapter but no one has one that i can find. have found a few 1/8" Y adapters of the exact format but i do not want to add 2-3 1/4"-1/8" reducers.

    only problem with my approach is that i do not know how much the 0404 is powered. my monitors are active per say so they already have amps built in.

    i reckon if all else fails i could manufacture what i need simple enough... but in my 44 years of life i have seen hundreds of these things... now i can't seem to find a single one :(

    sorry for such a simple problem as this but i figured i would get more input giving me options that maybe i haven't pondered. such is life...

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