Best way to record mixes for dj?

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by billy, Apr 18, 2004.

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    have been a dj for 6 years and basically have been doing trial and error when recording mixes...evven when i think i have it right i prolle have it i want an experts view..i want my mixes to sound the best they possibly can....i now record through an eq and compressor..and do some stuff on are some questions and anything u would like to add will be appreciatted!!

    1-is it just best to record flat???it always sounds dull thou=(

    2-what is the best rms to normalize to?i usually do -14 or -15

    3-is the compressor worthless when recording a whole mix?? i use it...i tried it a few years ago its seemed to tightened the bass so i just kinda stuck with it.....

    4-what is the best level output of the mixer???also is it best to record with a -10 or 0 db output?my mixer has both.i use 0 db now i usually keep my meters at +3 to +5. peaking at 0 on the DAT

    5- i mostly do trance there a general eq setting to just run the whole mix through or is that a personal thing?

    thank u in advance!!

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