Better mic than a ADK Hamburg for $300-ish?

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by changeng, Sep 29, 2006.

  1. changeng

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    Here's my situation. I have low-end equipment, tho I'm pretty good with stuff and I'm getting professional assignments and need to upgrade stuff F-A-S-T, and of course, am not encumbered with oceans of cash.

    I'm running SONAR with a M-Audio delta card, and my main pre has been an ART pro channel. My main mics for vocals have been an MXL v67 and an early Rode NT-1. I can get a good sound on female vocals and decent on male vocals, but my own voice comes out harsh and oversaturated, regardless of settings on the ART, and pulling back on things gives me a tiny signal theeeees beeeeg. My voice is kinda large, sort of a cross between Bowie and Peter Gabriel.

    I recently borrowed an ADK Hamburg for a few weeks and the difference between the ADK and the v67 was fairly negligible. That was disappointing, since I've read such glowing reviews on the mic. And yes, I've changed the tubes in the ART (using shuguangs, which have been recommended for the unit but aren't as clear as the EH that came with the unit).

    I'm about to upgrade pres - getting a safesound p1, since i like the idea of an "idiot-proof" pre (tho I'm idiot enough to challenge that claim!) and i know that will make a difference.

    The question is: will the safesound make enough difference to validate the Hamburg over the v67, or is there a mic in that price range ($100 - 300ish) that will be an obvious difference for clarity (especially in the consonants)? If not, what would be the next step up price-wise mic-wise? I'm looking for warmth and clarity.

  2. TVPostSound

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    Feb 15, 2006
    How about a DAK???


    Heehee, I worked for them 30 years ago!!!!!

    Just kidding.
  3. Davedog

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    Dec 10, 2001
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    Well, I love the Hamburg...I'm not sure what you might be doing that would make it sound even remotely like that v67, which I like too. But they arent the all.

    So a short answer to this would be....large diaphram dynamic.....warm and detailed...SM7. .big and fluffy...Electrovoice RE20. .anything else would be Sennheiser MD421.

    The Safesound should have enough gain to get a lot out these mics.

    I still dont think theres a mic in the $300 and under price range thats anywhere near as sophisticated sounding as the ADK's.

    ASLO...JUST IN.... Try one of the new Heil dynamic mics...I think its the sumthin sumthin 40 model. No personal experience but the ears that told me of em, I can trust.
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    Jun 22, 2004
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    You might want to try the MXL M3 as well. It's in the same price range.

    The MXL V6 is a bit darker and less sparkly, but a wonderful mic as well... (I was told the M3 was created to emulate the Neumann U67. I never A/B'd them, but it does a nice job regardless, mainly on vocals of all types, male or female.)
  5. mugtastic

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    Dec 9, 2005
    if cheaper condensers are sounding harsh you should definetly check out a large diaphragm dynamic. davedog mentions the classics and even speaks of my choice - the heil pr40. you can put it on anything (i use it as a batter side kick mic mostly) - but when i tore down all my mics to sell my home i only kept the heil out - great for vocals - i only wish it had fed back less than the sm58 at practice so i could sing into it live.
  6. changeng

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    thanks guys.

    I'm starting to consider ribbons as an alternative - any experiences with the Cascade Fathead ribbon? At $159, it could be worth it for the name alone.
  7. Chulio

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    Maybe I can help.

    I have been working several high end studios for a while now but before that I spent years home recording.

    A couple things I have learned are.

    Most people will recommend what they have because it helps justify the purchase.

    It is very subjective.

    And most important. I used to try different preamps and mic's like crazy.
    I bought and sold so many looking for that elusive WARM sound.
    Between $150 and $300 there are so many choices.
    Going from $150 to $300 was not that big of an improvement.
    Many people will chime and say I'm nuts but it's true.

    When you get in the $500 and up you can hear a difference but the cheaper mic company's spend more on marketing than improving things.
    They are all very similar.

    That said there are some good exceptions.
    Some of the new Chinese and Russian mic's are good
    And a few that surprised me for the price were Studio Projects C1 for vocals
    Octava mk012 for strings and overheads

    Best mic I had in my home studio was a used AKG414 I picked up for $400 I still use them at the studio I work in. Very good all around.

    Everybody will have an opinion but don't let anything other than your ears
    convince you.

    Good Luck

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