Better off mixer/AD or firepod?

Discussion in 'Consoles / Control Surfaces' started by orbit, Jun 5, 2007.

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    Right now I have an M Audio Delta 1010 and a few microphones. The problem for me now is that I had to sell my mackie cfx16 when i moved back to the states from Costa Rica (had brought things down on multiple trips but had only one trip back to bring things back).

    I used to simply use the inserts on the mackie to get the mic/instrument channel to the delta 1010, essentially just using the mackie preamps.

    So am I better off just selling my Delta 1010 and getting a firepod so that I dont need a mixer just for the preamps? its really a pain in the ass to have this delta 1010 and some mics but no way to use it. Also it seems silly to have a mixer just for the preamps to use the inserts so that i can still have seperated channels into my computer (obviously using the stereo outs into my computer defeats the purpose of having the delta 1010).

    if money was not an issue, i'd PROBABLY just buy an M audio octane (8 channel preamp) or something <shrug>
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    Mar 15, 2007
    Ya I know how you feel

    Ya I know how you feel.
    I battle with that catch 22 every time I go to record something.
    My problem Is my card has fire wire but my mixer does not.
    I can put two 1/4s and 1 rca for a total of 3 tracks at a time.

    I find that the seperate phantom power run straight in and then I adjust the level with the internal digital mixer in sonar works great.
    8) I guess there is always a way

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