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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by goldsoundz, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. goldsoundz

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    I'm trying to decide which to go with for use with a minidisc recorder - the sony electret condensor mic or ECM-MS907. The first is much smaller but not digital, which is appealing, but I'm wondering if it would record well. Thanks.
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    Sep 26, 2005
    If it's Sony, it's already fairly consistent. Almost anything they make sounds good. After all they practically invented our industry.

    Just so you understand, there really isn't any "digital microphones". Only analog microphones with analog-to-digital converters or USB/FireWire interfaces, which does not make the microphone digital but only its interface.

    You failed to inform us under what conditions your recordings will be? If you are going to be recording interviews or dialog, then a mono lavalier would make more sense. A stereo microphone would be ridiculous under those conditions/circumstances. If you are trying to bootleg concerts, that's different! Give us a clue?

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    This would be for recording band practices and gigs, and the model number for the smaller mic is ECM-DS70P. false labeling on the "digital" mic. This was how the factory listed it on ebay, but, after checking with, the main difference here is that the DS70P is multi-directional and much smaller, while the MS907 is single-point.
    You're right about sony's quality. The main reason I posted this is that my previous band's keyboardist had a sony MD, and would just "set it and forget it," as one of our infommercial icons says, and come out with brilliant recordings (for the convenience, at least) for any practice, any time. The recorder is certainly no studio-level recording device, but it's sound is crisp, and the portability and convenience is great, especially if you are still fumbling with a tascam 4-track tape deck and short tapes to record live like I was. or if you just want one button to push.

    So, the first is much smaller but has two directions for sound input; the second is larger and single-point. Both are sony electret condenser mics.
  4. AUD10

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    Mar 20, 2005
    MD microphone

    The ECM-DS70P is probably the best mic Sony do for recording gigs/bands and works really well.

    The ECM-MS907 is more directional and is better suited for use when recording talks/lectures.

    You will also get better stereo separation with the ECM-DS70P.
  5. goldsoundz

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    Aud10, thanks for the advice. I would have gone the other way, towards the larger mic. Since both are stereo, it would seem that one would be qualified. If you're speaking from experience, I'll go with the DS 70. Thanks!
  6. AUD10

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    Mar 20, 2005
    The ECM-MS907 does work well in small rooms or where the band is fairly small and playing close together.

    You might want to test them out first at your local Sony store to see which would suit your application better.
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    Huh? Sony makes some crap, just like everybody else is capable of making some. Sony's crap is just more expensive than other people's crap on average.

    I wouldn't credit Sony with inventing our industry at all. Not to beat you up or anything, but the Germans, Swiss and English were WAAAAY ahead of Sony buying there way in and stamping their names on other people's stuff. They didn't get innovative until the late 70s, early to mid 80s.

    And, yes there are such things as digital transducers. While they are not in the forms of recording microphones, they do exist, and in time will happen, just like there are digital amps. Digital may not mean what you are calling it, but they are digital nonetheless.

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