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Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by chouenneux, Mar 4, 2005.

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  1. chouenneux

    chouenneux Guest

    I'm a member of a traditionnal music band of 5 musicians.
    I need to do some mutitrack reccording with my group. Up to now we made some reccording using a mixer plugged to a
    soundblaster live and some one track at the time over playback. It was fun but....

    What is the next step to be able to do a real mutitracks reccording. I'd like some hardware advice. We would like to print some CD for our friends and we want to make it "live". We have numbers of mics (AKG, Behringer, shure), mixers and many accoustic instruments. There is just to many sound card avalable...
  2. Massive Mastering

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    Jul 18, 2004
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    The M-Audio Delta 1010 will get you in the ballpark... That and a Mackie 1604 or something can swing you 10 tracks at a time.
  3. ahdonye

    ahdonye Guest

    I just bought a presonus firepod and love it. It plugs into a firewire port so you can bypass you soundcard altogether. It has 8 mic inputs. A great thing is that it has seperate line outputs for each mic in, so you can go Mic's>Firepod>PA Mixer. This way even if you are playing in a small room where everything dosn't need to go thru the pa, you can record the whole band and put only what you need to in the pa
  4. gn

    gn Guest

    If you can step it up, go straight digital.

    Get a good Digital mixer w/ 16 channels of adat (maybe the behringer) & a sound card w/ 2 adat ins & outs (rme has some w/ 2-3 adats as well as motu) - you'll be able to plug up your mics for the band and leave them in the mixer - not having to reroute...

    Having 8 channels of input is great but if you get 16, you can really phatten the drums w/ more mics & record the entire band, vocals, backup singers, etc. in one take - record rehearsals all in one take as well. there are dynamics on each channel so you won't have to spend extra money on too much outboard gear and that.

    however, if you do, you could get a 8 channel preamp & compressor for drums & then maybe a dual channel for vocals w/ the condesnsor mic.... with that setup, you'll have everything crispy just on rehearsals and with digital editing you could comp parts from different rehearsal takes if needed...

    too much fun... :)

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