Beware of Ebay Scams

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by robchittum, Mar 8, 2004.

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  1. robchittum

    robchittum Guest

    Hey folks,
    I'm on a mission. There is a guy or more than one person that is listing all kinds of stuff on ebay that would appeal to us gear sluts. He is a fraud, and I know because I caught him in several lies today. He is currently using the username "montellamusic" and is listing a Sony DMX-R100 among other prized pro audio pieces. Here is a link to the stuff he's currently selling

    Now, it gets more complicated. This guy offers I-escrow, but a close inspection of the escrow website that he insists on using is another scam that was set up by him. Also, he previously had an item posted under another users ID, which included all of her positive feedback. Had I not asked the seller a question through the "ask the seller a question button" I would have never known that he had stolen her ID. So, it seems that ebay is a dangerous place to look for audio bargains now days. My advice is to contact the seller to confirm that they have an item listed and to use a reputable (REAL) escrow service before purchasing anything big. Anybody with common sense should be able to see that this guy is a scam (only been listed as an ebay seller for 1 day, keeping the high bidder list private, no feedback, using only manufacturer pics and descriptions instead of photos of actual used items etc), however I think we would all like them to be real and get a great deal. Just thought I would share this with my friends here at RO. Good luck.

  2. hbj

    hbj Guest

    Thanks for the heads-up Rob. Have you reported him to Ebay yet?
  3. bgavin

    bgavin Guest

    Thanks. I'm getting bent over the hood getting the Thelma and Louise treatment right now over a pair of Audix mics I bought from eBay.

    Report the clod, and spread the word.

    I've been down the road before with eBay and fraud items. You are S.O.L. trying to recover funds or items from eBay fraud. The scammers know this, and know they will never be caught or prosecuted.

    A Class-Action Beating would do the trick, if you can locate them.
  4. Doublehelix

    Doublehelix Well-Known Member

    Oct 7, 2001
    Yeah, I got screwed one time also, and even with all the Ebay claims of protection, you end up with nothing, and they get away with the loot Scott free...

  5. robchittum

    robchittum Guest

    I did report him to ebay, but who knows what they will do about it, and by the time they shut these items down, he will be back up with another name. He's getting smarter with each success and failure too. When I e-mailed all the high bidders on one of his items to inform that they were being scammed, he changed his tactic to have the high bidders names hidden so I or others can do that to him again. He is only listing pro audio gear at this point (at least under the one user ID, but he could have dozens of different scams going at one time in a variety of categories). Yes, ebay and paypal are worthless in terms of help after getting robbed. I have been had once, but am much wiser now.
  6. hbj

    hbj Guest

    I can confirm the guy is a complete fraud. I just made up a ridiculous question: "Does the Crane Song unit support the PLL standard?" He quickly responded "Hello,

    Yes the unit supports the european PLL standard.Could you tell me where you are from ?
  7. hbj

    hbj Guest


    I reported him twice in detail, and you reported him once, and this gear is -still- up. Unreal. I'll never trust Ebay or Paypal again. They don't care if we get ripped off. They get their fees either way.

    It's almost worth writing to the Federal Trade Commission about, though in this "give all the money to my rich friends and their companies" Bush admin. no one gives a f*&k about protecting the consumer, so who knows what good that would do.
  8. hbj

    hbj Guest

    Here is his info: resolves to

    If anyone out there is a better geek than I and has ideas on how to go further against this guy, I'm happy to do the legwork. I've already sent the message with all headers to AOL.
  9. cruisemates

    cruisemates Active Member

    Jan 28, 2004
    Home Page:

    I really appreciate your heads up! As a newbie Ebay gear slut who has been buying practically everything I have there, this is a shocker to me. You are absolutely right, it has all the earmarks of a scam - no feedback, bidder's IDs hidden...

    He is "selling" a lot of high priced stuff and presumably getting a lot response. I cannot believe Ebay would allow itself to be used this way. Talk about buyer beware!

    What kind of "lies" did you catch him in, and what is his escrow site URL?
  10. hbj

    hbj Guest

    We got him! He's been shut down (at least under this name).
  11. Serge Belley

    Serge Belley Guest

    I guess that is why it is called Evil Bay!

    Only bought once, from Evil Bay and I have to say I was lied to and bought something that was not what was represented. I am too ashamed to tell you what it was but it was a piece of pro audio gear.

    How many times do you hear, barely used in a smoke free home studio.

    This item had been used for rentals, according to to tags on it. It also had the refurbished label still on manufacturers box and when I took it apart because it did not work properly, I found there had been something spilled all over the inside, covering the electronics and it was filthy inside. I must say he did a great job of polishing the chassis but forgot to pull the knobs and clean around them. I have since cleaned things up and was able to get it working properly after a little soldering and some cleaning up.

    I still watch Evil Bay all time but I don't trust what I see.
  12. Chance

    Chance Guest

    I'm having some fun with this guy. I E-mailed him and asked him If all the input modules have variactor or vidicon-tube chokes in them. He replied back and said they're variactor chokes. I think I'll ask him what kind of crystals are in the output section of the teleporter quartz or dilithium
  13. B Callaway

    B Callaway Active Member

    Dec 30, 2001
    Great advice as I have used eBay a number of times with success however one has to be careful. I have been ripped off using the trsding post, a simialr concept.
  14. B Callaway

    B Callaway Active Member

    Dec 30, 2001
    Great advice as I have used eBay a number of times with success however one has to be careful. I have been ripped off using the trading post, a simialr concept.
  15. MisterBlue

    MisterBlue Member

    Mar 15, 2003
    Come on, Folks. I'm all with you on shutting down the scam artists but that doesn't make eBay a bad company. Otherwise you better start cutting up your credit cards because there is a lot of fraud out there related to those things, you know.

    10 years ago the extend of your/my possibility to shop for used high end gear (or anything for that matter) was largely limited to a small number of specialized shops in the area, involving potentially multiple hours of drive if you could find it at all. I think all of that is a lot easier now.

    The mission is to make places like eBay better and safer by pointing out flaws, thus eliminating potential for fraud. If you are dealing with unknown quantities just use your head and apply a healthy dose of caution.

    Just my opinion,

  16. AudioGaff

    AudioGaff Well-Known Member

    Feb 23, 2001
    Silicon Valley
    That's too funny! Mostly because everyone that is anyone knows that the output of the teleporter section can only be quartz because it has to be coupled through the plasma relay matrix of a anti biophotoshere reactor after it has been through the quad matrix of a heisenberg compensator. And dilithium can only be used in the output section after it has been fused through a negative charged proto tri-croton after it has been decoupled with a phase-inducer.
  17. I've had nothing but good luck on Ebay.
    I've bought stuff from Canada, the US and Australia.
    You have to do your homework.
    If the seller has no feedback or has feedback for totally unrelated items, is protecting bidder's identities and is shipping from a suspicious country (Indonesia comes to mind!)the red lights should go on.
    If they ask for bank or wire transfer only, it's usually a sign of fraud.
    If they offer escrow, make sure it's the real thing and not another phoney website they've set up to perpetrate the fraud.
    If you know someone in the city where the goods are located, ask if they can personally check out the merchandise, especially if it's a big-ticket item.
    Use a credit card if you can because there is some protection there.
    Email the seller.
    Talk to him by phone if it's a high cost item.
    Personally, I've never bought anything over 300 bucks on Ebay.
    If it's a U47, I think I'd pay the freight and fly there to check it out and pick it up personally.
    Never gamble more than you can afford to lose!
    Again, do your homework before plunking down your hard-earned cash!
  18. Chance

    Chance Guest

    Thats too funny.
    If my typing chops were a little better I would ask him something along those lines, but it would take too long to type out
  19. B Callaway

    B Callaway Active Member

    Dec 30, 2001
    Audiogaff must have done his studies aboard the enterprise! Tell me, is the food any good there?
  20. AudioGaff

    AudioGaff Well-Known Member

    Feb 23, 2001
    Silicon Valley
    That's Admiral Gaff. Who has spent time as an engineer in Audio, Electronics and Trekology. And yes, the Enterprise has the best food replicators within the Alpha quadrant and the far side of the Mutra Nebula...
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