Beyer M160 guitar mics

Discussion in 'Guitars' started by Jon Best, Jul 3, 2001.

  1. Jon Best

    Jon Best Active Member

    Mar 18, 2001
    These mics have been recommended to me by a few people that I trust, but I've been too lazy to find one to get my ears on. Does anyone have an impression of this mic that they'd like to share? :)
  2. Lobstman

    Lobstman Guest

    The M160 is the only ribbon mic I've ever used, so I can't compare it to Royer, RCA, etc- but here's what I CAN say...
    Overall, very "smooth" sounding- large, but not out of control or tubby bottom end, slightly rolled off top (about what you'd expect, right?). Sounds GREAT on standup bass, nice zeppelin-y accoustic guitar sound when used with a truckload of compression. Sounded slightly nasally the one time I tried it on electric guitar (about two feet out, aimed dead center of the cone), but I didn't get to play with the placement as much as I'd have liked. I'm really looking forward to trying it as a drum overhead / room mic. I don't know what else is in your mic locker, but for my only ribbon mic (for now...), I'm pretty happy- it compliments my U87, 414s, 421s, RE20 etc very nicely.
  3. drumsound

    drumsound Active Member

    Feb 12, 2001
    Bloomington, IL
    I've got a pair of Beyer M260 Hypercardiod ribons on loan right now. I'm using them on Trumpet and Trombone and am very happy. I'm considering getting a couple. Though I may pop for a Royer.
  4. davemc

    davemc Guest

    I use my M160's for Overhead , less harsh them the km85's beforehand to digital. I would like the stereo royer although I got these two for a third of the price. I am happy with the sound.
  5. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Feb 10, 2001
    They are ^#$%ing awesome guitar mics [don't take my word for's one of Glynn John's favorites...and he's seemed to capture a decent guitar tone or two over the years], and one of my absolute 3 favorite conga/percussion mics.

    Other than that...they look kinda funny to me.
  6. Lobstman

    Lobstman Guest

    Originally posted by Fletcher:
    They are ^#$%ing awesome guitar mics [don't take my word for's one of Glynn John's favorites...and he's seemed to capture a decent guitar tone or two over the years]

    Any tips on placement? I was a little hesitant to jam it on the grill like it was a '57.
  7. dynamo12

    dynamo12 Guest

    I've a pair of M130's, the bidirectional version of M160, and i usually
    put them right on the grill of the amp. Never had a problem.
    Same with the M500's. Beyer's are great sturdy mikes. Jo
  8. bradmcgowan

    bradmcgowan Guest

    I've had good luck placing them about 8-12" away, aimed halfway between the dust cap and the edge of the cone for a "close-miked" sound. That was on a 4x12 Marshall cab. On a 2x12 Marshall cab it sounded really good about 2 feet away aimed at the logo.

  9. DanKennedy

    DanKennedy Guest

    Absolutely great hi-hat mic too, if
    you needs one.
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