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    I am thinking of getting BFD and already use Nuendo. While speaking to a friend the other day, he told me that there were compatibility issues with these two programs. Have any of you had experiences with Nuendo and BFD? If so, are there tips and tricks you would be willing to share. I really don't want to compromise Nuendo in any way. Thank you in advance for your time and knowledge.
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    hmmmmm, im a nuendo guy and i dont use BFD just OceanWay Drums and its perfectly fine. talk to Steinberg Tech (if your a registered user and not a pirate) they may be able to shed light on the situation. i can offer this though: some programs require a higher buffer setting to work properly, my case is Celemony...i purchased Melodyne Plugin and it worked wonderfully at my lowest buffer setting. since i updated to their newest form of Plugin, i have to run my mixes at 1028 to keep it from popping and clicking and shutting down.
    i hope that helps

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