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Discussion in 'Guitars' started by kingofjeff, Aug 17, 2007.

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    hey all....i know there's a wealth of knowledge and experience out there and i'm looking for any suggestions!! I currently run my elec guitar through a Line 6 POD live xt pedal ( which is incredible) directly into my digi 002 rack, using PT LE.The sound is pretty good for not being able to record an amp. But now i want bigger and better guitar sound!!! any tips, suggestions, or experiences to make that happen??? maybe through tracking, processing, etc.? Thanks!
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    There are a few things I do for this, but it's usually some variation of recording multiple tracks.

    I will often use different amps or cabinets. Since you are using the POD, find a couple different sounds that you like that you think would fit together well. Record the track twice, once with your sound and again with the other.

    In addition to that, simply double tracking the guitars using the same sound can make a difference. Then when mixing, experiment with the panning and levels, and other things.
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    another trick: small delays can sometimes work. Take the orginal track pass it through 10ms delay. Put the orignal on the left and the delay on the right. Pan to taste.
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    Thanks very much for the suggestions....I hear a big difference

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