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    Read your post in the Nuendo Forum. Again, positive attitudes and valid questions get slammed. I agree with you as a long-time PT user that if I could see a better DAW I'd probably migrate there. I did get the chance to demo Nuendo at the local GC. Except for the fact that it is on a PC (no nasty letters please, I use that platform also) and the pretty background colors, it looks, feels and works remarkably like PT. I was impressed and await the Mac version because I think it will make a good portable (notebook) DAW.

    I know from all your posts on various forums that you are just seeking the common ground and trying to be helpful. Truthful people are always an easy target for inferior egos. Keep up the good work and thank you for

    Dave - doc22
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    Ahh...... keep it coming, I never get sick of a warm compliment.

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