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  1. four_string

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    Jan 17, 2011
    I'm doing a research project into binaural and holophonic recording for my final year project.

    i have a set on in ear binaural microphones (SP TFD 2 mic binaural set) and did a preliminary recording earlier where i just placed the mic's inside my ears and recorded then played back

    the sense on direction/specialization was not extremely clear (though far clearer than a L/R stereo recording). i am going to build a dummy head mic and use the mics i have at current as ear drums for the dummy head to pick up sound

    before i start building this and as i do my research into in ear recording and dummy head recording, does anyone have any tips/help to do with how to give that really clear sense of proximity and space (like the matchbox holophonic recording which was no doubt done via dummy head)

    i found this forum from google and found a few forums replies that said things along the lines of "search binaural recording on google"

    i have many times and i have about a 3000 word (at current) research paper on it. I'm just looking for peoples experiences with binaural recording (in ear or dummy head) so i can fashion which direction i take from this

    thanks for any help!
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    Hello, ..
    Welcome to our forum.

    Here is link to one of the most incredible dh mics.
    We have worked with it for a few days and it is truly amazing.
    Any sound source can be located absolutely acurate : underneath, behind low or high, above...far, near...

    Georg Neumann GmbH - Products/Current Microphones/KU 100/Description

    You might find some further info about it...
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    Jan 21, 2011
    Hello four_string from ImmersAV,

    I can suggest a few things that may be of help with your inquiry.
    If you are a member of the Audio Engineering Society, the Society has posted a 2 hour Tutorial on Binaural Technology that I presented in 2009, which is free to all members.
    You can get to this document by going to <>
    For a free preview you can see such on YouTube at <>
    I note that you are in the process of constructing a dummy head for recording and research, which is a very good starting point. I would point out that you will be able to get more accurate and faster results for your self, if you use your own head.
    I would also point out that there is an strong synergy between your sense of sight and sound when you judge the reality of any binaural recording.
    Examples of this can be seen in a movie I produced for YouTube.
    Please go to <>.
    Also if you are interested in reproducing binaural recordings with loudspeakers, I have produced an additional movie that may be of interest <>
    My personal contact information is included in both movies should you have further questions.
    Have Fun!

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