bird wazo sonic drum samples

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    Apr 11, 2013
    about the kit:

    -bird was shot kick drum
    -bird was sonic snare
    -shot hi tom
    -floor shot tom
    -2nd floor shot tom

    Each of the following 4 cymbals
    contain separate NKI's for the overheads, mono room, and stereo room mics!!

    -wazo zildjian china trash medium
    -wazo zildjian a custom 15
    -wazo zildjian z cutom 18
    -wazo zildjian a custom splash

    Mixing tip: Try sending the stereo room mics to a bus and smash it to taste, and then sending the mono room mic to a separate bus and smash it with a completely different style of compression!

    The following two cymbals are part of the BIRD WAZO STUDIO CYMBAL STUDIO PACKAGE. They were selected to complete this kit, and come for free!

    -zildjian medium 22 ride
    -zildjian a custom 14 hi hats

    Cymbals: Native-Instruments Kontakt 4 and up
    Shells: Native-Instruments Kontakt 4 and up, Slate Digital Trigger

    The toms, ride, hi hat and kick drum were recorded at Bird Wazo Studio. The rest of the kit was recorded in the Neve Room at Sonic Ranch Studio, Tornillo Texas.

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