Black Lion PM8 summing mixer with Lynx Two A

Discussion in 'Summing / Mastering consoles' started by igotnosmoke, May 8, 2012.

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    May 19, 2004
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    hey guys,

    i just bought a BLA PM8 to use with my 4 in / out lynx card and have a few questions in regards to how I set it up. Given that I have always worked inside the box I never had any experience with consoles.

    Would I connect the BLA PM8 only when I am exporting my mix? Would I benefit at all from monitoring from it?


    Given that I only have only 4 outputs is the only limitation here that i just have to export the track double the amount of time?

    Until i buy another lynx card (8 outs total) i was think about exporting 4 channels at a time
    so Drums 1,2,3 and Bass 4
    and then guitars 1, 2 and vocals 3 , 4

    and once brought back into nuendo merging the 2 stereo tracks into one?

    Do i sound like im on the right track? I would appreciate any help on how to setup this up properly :)

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    Well, yes, in routing terms it would work, but you don't necessarily get a good mix that way. When mixing, you need access to all the channels at the same time so you can not only balance them against one another, but use EQ and effects to make each "sit" correctly in the mix. I don't think you would make the same decisions about the mix if you do that in two separate stages and then combine the different stereo stems (sub-mixes), but it's up to you. Separating them out as drum/bass plus guitar/vocals as you suggest is about your best chance.

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