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    Well, not really too serious about it all but some of these comparisons do get to me.
    I have wasted so much time sifting through stuff over the years, later to find out that its really a bunch of nonsense. People spinning things to help them be happy with their purchase.
    Things can be so spun. Or things can be so wrong if we do something or don't do something in the process of comparing products.
    I'm thinking a person could post a thousand examples of all the BS being posted on forums and have fun discussing it all. It would start some great discussion.
    Whats so disturbing though and why I get so pissed, is how many of these goofy comparisons effect the manufacturers, not to mention how misleading for readers.

    Looking for some info on the MixDream, I come across this one for starters. I didn't go through it all but it only took a few posts to see through it.
    (Dead Link Removed)

    Here's a guy that does a comparison yet leaves out two major attributes of the MixDream including additional info on what it does better than all other summing amps, yet the OP leaves all the meat out and compares the Venice. IMHO, sways the naive crowd. So the post stays online for years.

    A MixDream is supposed to be transparent and unnoticeable until your start using it (inserting character gear). And if this guy had a clue, all summing amps should be like this.
    So had he used the expander and Lundahl Tranny in it, in its sweet spot, it would have sounded completely different. The Expander is amazing. And had he added some outboard gear in the chain via inserts or mastering insert, anything even comparable to the Venice it would have eaten the Venice up for both tonal quality, width and low noise ( just to name a few ways). If he had both units set up the way they both were fully designed for, "Fully" I said, and actually knew what he was doing, he would have known this but chose to keep it out in order to spin the topic a certain way. That's how I read it. So what a bunch of BS that stays online for years.

    So, how many of these threads are around the web. Most likely thousands.

    It took me a long time before I saw through these type of threads. I'm not defending the MixDream so much, well I am I suppose but that's not why I'm posting this, its how I caught the spin. Having used both products, I do know that one is static and the other is multi functional and can be coloured any way you choose..
    I'm merely pointing out how BS runs rampant because of so many factors and it appears most of these are really looking like they are started by people that want others to support what they bought.
    Maybe, just maybe the OP is innocent but what a needle in a hay stack to find the truth or reason behind why something sounds a certain way. And what a nightmare for manufacturers who make great products that are being publicly misrepresented and even slandered.

    I'm proud how we have all worked hard to keep our level of content accuracy pretty damn solid here.
    We could start a new forum that blows the whistle on threads. I think it would serve us all well and probably be a lot of fun too. Go at it like a problem based learning approach.

    Maybe one day when we get so wise to this and want to start dissecting it all in the name of setting the record straight..

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