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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by xcessbass, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. xcessbass

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    I had posted a couple days ago re large diaphram condensors and i was in Buffalo and i drove past a Guitar Center and they had a used Blue Firefly deluxe limited edition mic on sale and the sales guy was awesome and dropped the price a $100 to 689 and this things in mint condition. From what i understand this is the u67 capsule inside.

    Anyways a long story short

    This is a wicked mic at any price but at less than half of retail this is one incredible deal. I tried out the Neumann TLM103 and the 414xl II and none of them sounded as smooth and buttery through a mackie mic pre ( yes it actually sounded good through the mackie I do have better preamps in my studio)

    Definitely check out this mic!!

    :D :D :D
  2. jonnyc

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    Apr 21, 2005
    Do you mean the Dragonfly? I'm a big Blue fan and have never heard of a Firefly. A 100 bucks off is nice but don't fool yourself into believing any one charges "retail". 799 is the max you should pay for a dragonfly. Also if there is a U67 capsule inside it isn't a Neumann it would just be Blue's replacement version of it, and I've never heard a dragonfly owner claim it had a u67 nor have a seen any literature on their website making those claims. All that said it is still a great mic.
  3. xcessbass

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    my mistake it is the dragonfly

    I appologize it is the dragonfly delux I read in a review that it was a U67 capsule but either way it is an incredible mic. I have never heard such a sound and I just tried it through a mackie Onyx preamp . I have a custom preamp from ARM (
    Its a tube mic pre based on the DW Fearn pre. Im going to test it out tonight and see how it sounds.
  4. jonnyc

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    Apr 21, 2005
    Well I'm betting you'll be impressed. Let us know.
  5. bounce

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    Yes, the Dragonfly Deluxe is a different beast from the Dragonfly and I believe is usually around $1299. Great deal there!!
  6. numrologst

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    Ditto on the dragonfly deluxe being badass. I found a deal on ebay a few months back for a matched pair for $1500
  7. stickers

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    Jan 31, 2005
    Lowell MA
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    this past weekend at my live sound a guy brought in dragonfly to mic the piano we have there with and i mentioned the deluxe version and he said that the one he has is one of 5 made that owner of blue made himsself with the U67 capsule...why on earth he would use it for a live gig is beyond me. Although a few weeks before the same guy used a 414..damn thing picked up everything but he wanted to use it...

    im sorry for live performances for rock/pop piano when drums are playing on the stage too, a LCD just doesnt much bleed. id rather stick a 57 in one of the sound holes on the harp of the piano.
  8. giles117

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    I have a deluxe and it is a wonderful mke.

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