Bluenoise plugins are looking for skillfull drum programmers!

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    Hi everybody

    Bluenoise plugins are looking for a few skillfull drum programmers to create demo songs for the webpage etc. You must be able to program complex drum parts and preferably to your own music. The music must sound professional and it will be used on the page which hcan be good promotion for you or your band.

    You will receive a copy of a Drummix plugin that fits your style so you need to have a Windows machine.

    You will need to know a bit about drum mixing since Dummix plugins aren't processed and you need to know how to export and upload a good sounding Mp3.

    At the moment I need songs for Metal and Rock but more Drummix plugins will be released in the genres: Pop, RnB, Jazz and Percussion. Example: If you are good in programming for jazz and have created some nice jazz recordings, feel free to send material and if I pick you, you will be sent a full version of Drummix Jazz 1 when it's released.

    If you want you can also be a part of the beta testing team.

    If this sounds interesting please send examples of some of your work (links to the music) to

    Thanks for your time.

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