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Bluetooth earplugs quality

Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by amadeustm, Nov 17, 2017.

  1. amadeustm

    amadeustm Active Member

    Aug 22, 2007
    Frankfurt, Germany
    Hello all! Long time since my last post.

    Today I would like to ask the experts if anyone had so far a good experience with bluetooth earplugs so far. I know they are not really reliable for recording due to latency but my question here is just about good quality related to listening music only, not for work, but for relaxing time. I would like to listen to music in good quality drivers, usually I listen to FLAC (Deezer is already providing this quality in their services) or 320kbps (spotify) and it would be very nice to have the best quality possible.

    So far I know that Mee X6 Pro is awesome for studio monitoring and enjoying as well. I have tried their X7 Plus with 6mm drivers with excellent quality as well, but the time has come for me to buy new ones, that is why I come to you guys.

    Also as a reference I have JBL crappy bluetooth phones that I would like to avoid. I read that Jaybird X2 is really good (with 10mm drivers) and also ADV.Sound Model 3 that has a pro-like construction.

    Do you have any advice or experience with?

    Thank you all, very much.

    Gabriel Amadeus
  2. pcrecord

    pcrecord Quality recording seeker ! Well-Known Member

    Feb 21, 2013
    Quebec, Canada
    Home Page:
    If you are tempted by the Rowkins or one of it's clone, they have very bad latency and are prone to disconnect.. but for music they are ok.

    I have some Shure se535 and I considered but didn't buy their bluetooth solution yet...
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