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    Hi everybody!It's my first post here!

    I am fedup with some ground noises that come from my Motif ES. The main reason for this is that Motif has unbalanced outputs that go straight into my mixing console.
    I want to get rid of that noise and I know the only way is balanced cables.
    So I will need a DI to transform my Motif's signal from unbalanced to balanced. Will it be sensible to get Presonus Bluetube DP or M-Audio DMP3 and use them as a DI?Or will it be wiser to get a dedicated DI?Will they colour the sound in any way?I have used none of them so I can't possibly know.
    Which one of those would you suggest me to get and why?

    Thanx in advance for any replies :)
  2. JS_Bach

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    Anyone? :roll:
  3. bobbo

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    Dec 11, 2004
    use a passive di box, cheaper and more use out of it, or just get the ballanced to unballanced adapter for the end of you snake that goes from your mixer to the motif.

    i don't think that is your problem though, i've used unballanced cables from something ballanced into something non ballanced before with no problem.

    ps, the blue tube sucks, way too noisy, a nice passive di would be better than that thing. I had one and i know how it was, i liked the behringer pres on my 24 channel mixer.
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    my motif does the same thing . i had no idea it was due to lack of di . thanks
  5. JS_Bach

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    Thank you for the replies!
    Actually, I have Presonus Eureka channel strip and I am pretty happy with it.
    I wouldn't expect anything that noisy from Presonus...
    What about DMP3? Will that be more quiet? :roll:
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