Bonham outtakes - real?

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by nessbass, Feb 6, 2005.

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  1. nessbass

    nessbass Guest

    Hey guys, have a look/listen at these:

    Do you think these are real Bonham outtakes? I'd say they sound like they were, but how would you get your hands on stuff like this? I mean these are old recordings!
  2. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Feb 10, 2001
    The Bonham stuff I have came off the original LZ masters in the Atlantic records vault... this could very well have come from a set of safety masters or from some discarded outtake reel.

    I don't recongnize the patterns so it must be from later [post the 4th album after I pretty much lost interest in LZ]... but the basic kit tuning sounds about right, the playing seems about right... the thing that makes me question the validity is that there seems to be some faux reverb [especially noticable on the kick drum] which could be compression of some sort but it doesn't seem like room compression.

    The long and the short of it is that if it teaches you something about recording or playing drums you're on the bonus plan... if it doesn't then who cares if it's real or not.

    I didn't learn a hell of a lot from listening to those tracks... but I've had LZ drum tracks for years [from which I learned a TON!!!].
  3. David French

    David French Well-Known Member

    Jun 19, 2002
    Listen to track 14.
  4. Really cool stuff, thanks.

    Is there any I can get a hold on those tracks? I'm interested, since you say you've learned a lot on them.
  5. sproll

    sproll Active Member

    Oct 7, 2004
    Me too!! :D
  6. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Feb 10, 2001
    We're in the process of rearranging a bunch of stuff at the office right now so it's not really feasible to run off copies of this... if you remember, contact me via email in like a month and I can get you a copy.
  7. Sure thing. Thanks a lot, really. I'll bother you in a month, then.
  8. Randyman...

    Randyman... Well-Known Member

    Jun 1, 2003
    Houston, TX
    Check out Track 22 ;) . And it leads into track 23. If you can't recognize that groove, you must be brain dead!

    Can you hear Bonham humming on certain tracks? I do that too ;)...

    Pretty cool - Thanks for the link!
  9. scottyb

    scottyb Guest

    these are from Coda . you can allmost hear the squeek ing the bass pedel.nice !!!
  10. Randyman...

    Randyman... Well-Known Member

    Jun 1, 2003
    Houston, TX
    FWIW - This guy is about to take DOWN the webpage because people are harassing him with accusations of forgery! I personally, as a drummer of 23 years, think they ARE 100% legit Bonham. Listen to 1) the DRUMMING!!! 2) The Drums themselves and (of course), 3) THE PRODUCTION!!!!

    You may want to download these to your PC before they are gone... (I did)...

    Listen to tracks 22 and 23 (specifically the transition BETWEEN 22 and 23) - you can hear the piano bleeding through! I'm sold...

  11. aaronlyon

    aaronlyon Guest

    Oh, that was FUN! I imported Fool in the Rain (from In Through the Out Door) into my DAW and put it next to track 22 (John Bonham outtake). The sync and sound is near perfect. It's not the identical track; you can hear some places where it's slightly different. And the sync slowly goes out after two minutes or so. But he's obviously playing to the same master tracks. Very cool! (But only to geeks. My wife, who is a huge Zep fan, said, basically, big whoop.)

  12. took-the-red-pill

    took-the-red-pill Active Member

    Jan 10, 2005
    Near Clagary
    Home Page:
    I checked out the track 14 business. Was it common for the guy to hum like that while he was drumming? If so, pretty cool and it adds a human aspect to it. One gets the sense there was an actual person on the end of the sticks.

    Would that humming get pretty much covered up once the band and everything was included, or would the recording engineer had to threaten him with death to get him to hush up and drum?

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