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    I'm new and I'm not sure if this is the right forum, but it looks like it.

    Two or three years ago I received a Boss BR-1180CD for my birthday and I've been using it more often than not since then, taking special advantage of the CD burning ROM featuring included... Now, it seems whenever I try to burn tracks to disc it doesn't start the process at all but says "CD Write Error!" instead. I've tried each of the three different speeds "x2, x4, x8" but none work. I've tried the other methods of burning to CD-R the machine offers. I've also used several different blank discs to see if the discs were faulty... Same error every time... It does, however, read a CD-R with data already on it and imports from that to the hard drive, it just won't burn anything. Could it possibly be the CD-Rs I am using (Maxell brand)? Could it be the drive itself is worn and torn from over-use? And is it possible to get a replacement drive and switch it out? Am I missing anything else? Am I completely drawing dead here?

    I hope someone there's an answer out there somewhere... It's been quite frustrating.

    Anyway this looks like an awesome site and it seems like I need to be here. I really can't wait to dig in and read through all the other forums.

    Thanks for reading 8)
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    You could check to see if one of the CDs that you tried to burn reads as blank on another burner. If it's non-blank, then the most likely explanation is that the writing laser in your burner is life-expired, and yes, you could probably replace the drive. If the CD still reads as blank, then it's more likely to be a logic or connection problem. Same solution, though.

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