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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by daveyP, Nov 27, 2005.

  1. daveyP

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    Hey there,

    Can anyone give me some advice here. Im finally upgrading from 4track analog recording (Tascam Porta7) to a digital Boss Br1600CD 16track machine.
    Anyone know anything that i need to know about this machine? Limitations etc.

    Is it easy to use if your familar with 4 trach recording?
    Is it easy to link up with Cubase SX (which im yet to learn how to use!) - and what wires do i need to connect up to my PC?
    Is the burn of the final mixes to CD of a good (loud) quality?
    Are the drums programable like, say the Alesis SR16 drum machine?
    I understand it is a 16 track but do you get all 16 to use as i would have all 4 to use freely on my four track?
    All 'virtual tracks' the same as bounced tracks - if so, is the quality good - my four track lost a lot of quality when bouncing to increase tracks.
    Help someone, or all of you!!

  2. Twine

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    I have the Boss BR-1600 and I really like it, this is my first recorder and I figured out the basics fairly quick considering I had no recording experience. Now the mixing part of it is a lot harder for me but thats not because of the machine.
    Heres is a link to a yahoo group I've learned a lot about it from there. heres another message board it doesn't have a lot of members yet but there is a lot of information. Good luck.....

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