boss sp-303 to isa 428 - use line or instrument inputs?

Discussion in 'Preamps / Channel Strips' started by itchy, Apr 28, 2005.

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  1. itchy

    itchy Guest

    hello everyone, i'm just here late at night trying to break in my isa 428, and i have a question. actually, this really has nothing to do with the 428 per se, but rather how to run line outs from a sampler/mixer. When i used to use my presonus firestation, i would run the line outs of my boss sp-303 or korg ms2000b into the line ins of the firestation. however, the input signal was always so quiet, i would have to boost the source to a point that there was an audible amount of noise.

    Tonight, I tried the same thing with my sp-303 line outs into the isa 428 line ins. not surprisingly, the same thing happened. very quiet signals, so i boosted the sp-303 pretty much all the way, and voila - the noise floor was raised to a horrid -78dB. That's not happening.

    So here's the question. Can I run the sp 303 or the korg ms2000B synth into the hi-z instrument inputs? I'm not too keen on how these signals differ, but I do know that the instrument inputs are supposed to be used for "instruments with high impedance outputs" such as a "passive bass or acoustic guitar". now I get this, but would it hurt anything to connect the sampler and synth to it as well?

    thanks for the help in advance. sorry if this is long-winded, but this seemed tough to explain to me.

    also, would it be preferable to get some sort of outboard signal booster, that can provide some clean gain without wrecking the signal too much? again, thanks,


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