Bounce to disk problem with Pro Tools 6.7TDM

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by arbin131, Oct 4, 2005.

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    I haven't encountered this before but when I recently bounced a mix down from 24/96 to a stereo file at 16/44.1, what I got back didn't sound like what I was bouncing (i.e. levels, certain EQ didn't seem quite the same). I was using "convert after bounce", "best" quality to a stereo interleaved BWF file. Any ideas? I'm at the end of an album project (and my wits) as I've done this very thing many times before. Using a dual 1Gig processor G4 with a Gig of ram.

    Hints: the mixes are plug-in intensive with plug-ins across Master fader.

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    Just a few recommendations

    1-Why don't you bounce at high res first (24/96) You can then compare the bounce with the mix and make sure there's no difference. Then, you could downsample, dither and so on?
    This method will also keep a mix in your session, that you can backup for later usage...

    2-Is it possible that your CPU is running short of power? Do you have enough ram, especially if you are running RTAS plug-ins or soft synths? Check the Show System Usage window.

    3-Upgrade to PT 6.9. A much better, stable version IMO.

    Hope this helps a bit
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    6.7TDM bounce issues

    That sounds pretty logical. Certainly worth a try. Appreciate the quick response. Perhaps with a few months sleep, some new brain cells and a look at the sun now and again, I might have arrived at a similar solution.

    Thanks again. I'll let you know.

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