Bouncing from protools with windows?

Discussion in 'Computing' started by MWA, May 10, 2006.

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  1. MWA

    MWA Guest

    So how do I go about getting my song OUT of protools without bouncing to disk? Im windows based... And what are these products sony vegas and all that about? they are good for mastering? and how can I use them? I tried busing everything down to one stereo track then recording that, and it worked and all, but how do i get this file out of protools without bouncing it? Is there a way, granted I have it, to move this newly created stereo track of my song into this sony vegas program or any other program? how does this process work and will I not lose so much frickin quality as bouncing does?? plus I need all my songs, there is 7, to be the same level? Thanks.
  2. MWA

    MWA Guest

    So I went and bought sony soundforge, so now can someone walk me through how to get my STEREO protools file which I bused down to a stereo track into soundforge? I found it in my audio file folder of the session in question, but it seperated them into L and R, I need them both at the same time in soundforge but can only seem to open one at a time, L or R?

    Also should I not be including my master track when I bus them down to a stereo track when in protools? Because I have an EQ and limiter on my master track... and I want those to go with the mix...

    Anyways, once I get that figured out with some help, when I am finished in soundforge, how do I turn that file into something burnable, playable? If that makes sense... Can someone give me some intsructions please????

    Also when soundforge is opened, is there anyway I can listen to the file through my monitors rather than computer speakers?
  3. dpd

    dpd Active Member

    Sep 29, 2004
    I don't understand why you simply didn't bounce with ProTools... That's how you get a stereo interleaved .wav file at 16 bit depth. Why do you think you are losing quality with the bounce? Are you dithering on your bounce?

    Why are you trying to complicate things so much?
  4. MWA

    MWA Guest

    Im only complicated because of all the stuff Ive read on here, I figured Id do some research before posting, and what I found is to avoid bouncing to disk at all costs.... so my question remains...
  5. u need to bounce to a stereo interlieved file...always remember that its stereo interlieved,not dual mono...that's why ur getting two mono tracks (left n right) if ur planning to still do some more processing after u've bounced down ur session to a stereo interlieved file keep it's bit depth at 24bits ( ur mixing session shud b in 24 bits anyway)...then u just need to remember where u bounced it to.if u don't specify a target folder pro tools will save the bounced file into the sessions audio folder by default...then after u've done that close pro tools, open soundforge then import ur bounced down stereo interlieved file, then u should be able to do some more processing in soundforge... [/b]
  6. Reggie

    Reggie Well-Known Member

    Dec 20, 2004
    If you MUST continue avoiding bouncing down as stereo interleaved for whatever crazy reason you may have read on the Intranets, you can combine them in Soundforge by going to Open > select both your L and R mono tracks > click the box that says "Merge L/R to stereo" > and hit OK.

    To listen through your monitors, in Soundforge go to Options > Preferences > "Wave" tab > Playback dropdown menu > select your soundcard outputs that are hooked up to your monitors.

    Don't neglect your manuals and help files; they need attention too....

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