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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by aswen001, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. aswen001

    aswen001 Guest

    Does anyone other than me have a problem bouncing tracks from protools? it always gives me much more low end that what i hear when i play the track in protools. Does anyone have a solution to this?
  2. rudedogg

    rudedogg Guest

    this is usually not a problem with protools, but a problem with a room that is not tuned.
  3. aswen001

    aswen001 Guest

    i guess my question now would be, if my room is not tuned , why would it sound good in protools but have too much bass once it is bounced out?
  4. More Cowbell

    More Cowbell Guest

    What do you play it back with once its been bounced? Are you playing through the same speakers and the same volume?
  5. CombatWombat

    CombatWombat Active Member

    Dec 17, 2004
    Portland, Or
    What are you playing it back with? Maybe the EQ settings in your media player are adjusted differently. Try setting it flat.
  6. Dave62

    Dave62 Guest

    So if you import your bounce into the same session and compare it does it still have more bass? If it does not, your problem is elswhere.
    Still does? Have you checked the bnc source in the PT bnc window, sometimes mine sets itself to a bus instead of the main path and the bnc ends up all drums or missing the reverb. I had to quit bncing as I am getting asserrtion errors 25% of the time(why can't digi *@#&*^$%%@#fix this!!) so now I just bus the mix to a spare stereo track and re-record it or set spdif to mirror main outputs, run a cable from 002 spdif out to in and then set spdf as an input on a stereo track and record (mute the output while recording or it will feedback) Dave

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