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Discussion in 'Mastering' started by NutekK, Feb 8, 2003.

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  1. NutekK

    NutekK Guest

    hey maybe some one has a view on this
    im using cubase 5.1
    and im about ready to bounce the whole project to
    a two channel mix.
    now cubase is currently set at 32 bit recording at 44.1.
    there is realy only a few audio tracks the rest
    are Vsti wich get rendered upon export.
    i have the option on export to up the sample rate
    to 32/96...
    would this be beneficial.
    i am ultimately going to 16/44

    ive just read another topic that is similar...but im still unclear..

    aside from upping the resolution for effects and instruments..

    lets just say you have 20 16/44.1 tracks
    when you export them it combines all the tracks to two track.....
    would it be better to have a 32/96 final track

    im just thinking the actual mixing might sound better at a higher rate?

    any views on this?
  2. audiowkstation

    audiowkstation Active Member

    Jun 29, 2001
    IF you have the drive space, why not do it both ways, burn two CD's and report back the evaluation?

    Reason I say this is:

    Sometimes upsampling does good things, other times It may not. I have not used cubase in a while and frankly I am curious what your results will be.

    From this vantage point, I would think the 16/44.1 would sound more solid. From a physics point of view, look at it this way.

    16/44.1 to 16/44.1.

    No sample rate conversion, No word clock conversion, no reconversion back. If the source(s) is/are 16/44.1 then I see more room for error by upconverting/downconverting than just leaving it alone.

    Please try the test and report back your findings. It will put this to rest (in your system with your configuration) and may give others valuable insite as well.

    Going to go for it?

    I think I know the answer but your system is not mine and I do use outboard conversion and powerful software to manipulate everything that is happening.
    Please give it a shot!
  3. NutekK

    NutekK Guest

    yes i will try both ways today...
    the thing is it will only be a conversion for a few tracks......
    the others are generated on the the sampling rate the sequencer bounce is set to.
    so it will be interesting to see.
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