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    Can anyone help me out? My BR-864 when I try to import and export it just will not work. When I export it just has a folder labeled "roland" and none of the other folders. sometimes it will lead me to the "usb" folder but then there is nothing in it. I've used it on this same computer before and all of a sudden it doesnt work. I need this thing I am due to have an album finished in 6 days any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  3. sproll

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    Oct 7, 2004
    In my experience with computers, I would tend to lean more towards a problem with that then the actual recorder.

    Have you changed anything at all since the last time it worked? No matter how small, it may have messed something up. If it connects via USB, try uninstalling the device and re-installing it with the drivers, etc. Without more information it is hard to know how to help.

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    I think it is the computer. I just used it on another computer and it worked fin. I did reformat the computer and that is when the problems started. But I reinstalled every little thing and my computer wont install some of the drivers that came on the restore disks. So I am sending the computer to get fixed and then we will see what happens.
  5. sproll

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    Oct 7, 2004
    Good to hear! :cool:
  6. simon

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    BR 864

    maybe you guys can help me with my glitch as well ?
    I'm a bit puzzled by the mastering toolkit which only seems to let me master tracks in pairs with the same Vtracks assigned to both tracks in the pair. ie if I select tracks 1&2 it wont allow me to toggle between 1 and 2 selecting vtracks independently for each. thus I can only select one vtrack and apply to both 1 and 2. obviously something of a pain. I also dont see why I cant apply the mastering effects to each track independently but appear to have to do it in pairs.
    anybody familiar with this scenario ? grateful for any wisdom.
  7. vaibhs

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    hmmm i really am unable to understand y do u want to master tracks seperately

    i guess mastering is the final stage and mostly will always be in stereo

    so tht is y it will always couple tracks

    anyways if u still insist wht u can do is transfer ur audio on channel 2 to channel 3 and keep channel 2 blank and muted if possible

    this way the mastering will be done only on track 1 and track 3

    am also a newbie so this is just a suggestion and not an experienced advice

    do reply of anyother thing tht will work out
    and pls tell me y do u want to master tracks seperately
  8. simon

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    thanks for this. yeah I have misunderstood the mastering process. also a newbie. will re consult the manual. what I cant seem to achieve yet is a 2 track (stereo) mix of the 8 v tracks I want on the final recording. thought this was part of the mastering process but I see now that it comes first. what is the routine for doing this ?

    thanks for your help

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