BR900 keyboard trouble!

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    trying to hook up my keyboard to record to my boss br900.....keyboard is a radio shack md-1800....and right now i have midi out from br900 to midi in of keyboard and rca from br900 input to a Y cable 1/4 adapter into the md-1800...when i hit the keys no sound comes out of the headphones i have plugged into the br900 i hear a slight click but not the actual note
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    Jun 26, 2007
    It reads like you have all your ins and outs reversed.

    Audio Outs from keyboard to Audio ins on recorder.

    Midi outs from keyboard to Midi ins on recorder.

    Read your manuals, learn this stuff. These are the basics. You have to be able to do these simple things by yourself or you will not get much help. PLUS you run a high risk of ruin to your gear.

    Read your manuals.

    Let that be your mantra for the next few years.

    And do not ask me what a mantra it instead, that shows "won't to." And you have to possess a lot of "Won't to".

    Welcome and congratulations! This is my 400th post and I wanted to record the event. I also have $43.27cents in my checking account and wanted to record that event as well.

    I'll be balancing it this weekend so I will be looking for it:)

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