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  1. hi, ive been recording for a few years now and ive gathered up a lot of stuff. All of my stuff isn't really useful to me though because its all for more than i needed when i bought it. So i decided that i want to restart completely and sell all of my stuff for money. I want a computer set up. I have a powerbook g4. I want to invest in very high quality items becuase im wanting to do this the rest of my life. Don't worry about a budget as long as its not over-the-top because ill save up. I want a studio that is easily expandable and can handle recording entire bands with software that can edit and add effects easily.

    I know its a lot to ask but i really REALLY appreciate it
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    More clues needed:

    Type of music/artists/bands?
    Live recording (one take, multitrack) or just studio (layered multitrack)?
    Effects active during recording or always added at mixdown?

    Do you want to get this all at once or phase it in gradually as you buy new gear? Also, it's not clear what an "over-the-top" budget is!
  3. okay
    Type of music- anything from pop to rock. But my band is rock so lets say that that is the main type. Other types that i do a lot are piano, just acoustic guitar, ska, so really anything.
    Multitrack all the way, thats wut i love to do and thats all i will buy.
    Effects- I would prefer them at the mix down for more options
    I don't plan on getting it all at once. When i said over the top i mean i don't need to get a 2000 interface or something for professionals. How about a budget should be no one piece of equipment should be over 1000. Unless anyone finds something absoulutely perfect.

    Thanks and sorry i didn't give enough info.
  4. Well, for mics, I'd suggest

    AT3035 Condenser
    AKG D112
    2 x Audix i5
    2 x SM57
    Samson C02 Stereo Pair

    Those together will run you under a grand,

    8 mic stands, 8 25' Mogami Gold Cables and patch cables for everything should run you another 500 dollars.

    If you get a firepod or the like and a computer, the interface like a firepod will cost you 400 dollars for a scratch/dent that will work great.

    So that's under 2,000 dollars, and you can probably spend the rest on software and a good set of monitors.

    Just my 2 cents. I've used all those mics and they're all good budget options. The Audix i5 strikes me as a 57 with a little better high end detail, and they're about the same price.

    Take it easy

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