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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by davemc, Feb 6, 2002.

  1. davemc

    davemc Guest

    Hi Everyone,

    Whats people's opinions on the VM1 for rock vox. The price in Australia is quite good (just under US$3000) and I have heard good reports for ballads and female vox. I do a lot of female rock/pop vocals, I wonder if it would have enough meat, for rock male vocals as well.

    Yes I know everyone's vocals are different. Yes I will get one to try I just have nothing to A/B it against so I am trying to get a feel from you guys.

    The Brauner comes with only a 14 day money back deal. I am awaiting a local dealer to get in a U95,U99 and U195 to try against maybe a couple of weeks.

    I would love to A/B it with a Elux251 although they had none on order to OZ. There is a price diff of around US$1,000 which does not worry me as this mic will be my main vox mic for a while.

    I like a lot of records done with a 251 although I do not think there is one anywhere in Australia. For rental to try against the VM1 only really Neumanns U47,67 etc on rental lists.
    I rented a U67 before and found it to dark.

    Bye ya Dave
  2. You might try the KHE version. Awsome mic!
  3. davemc

    davemc Guest

    Thanks Ted,
    I stretched my budget to around US$4,000.
    I can get the elux251 around that.
    The supercharged Vm1 is out of my reach.
  4. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Feb 10, 2001
    Over on the Sony mic thread there are some opinions you should see..

    (Dead Link Removed)

  5. davemc

    davemc Guest

    Thanks Jules,

    Yep been following that thread here and the DUC.
    Yes I lurk a lot, over an hour a day to do the rounds. Pity here in Australia we have such a small range on hand.
    Put my HD upgrade on hold as cannot go with no Sony EQ, also plugin upgrades and getting scsi etc for 96k is putting it up all the time.
    So I am going to buy a good mic and a new pre instead.

    Maybe spend money on a holiday, hard to put cash down on a ticket when you think ohh that could be a new ribbon mic etc.

    The new gear does not get me more work, although the stuff I am doing lateley is a lot better then 4 years ago with VST/Tascam M3500/AT4033.
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