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Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by jmezz, May 17, 2006.

  1. jmezz

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    Hello--I recently picked up a Mac mini G4, and I want to try recording with GarageBand (first, and go from there). Never done any kind of computer-based recording before (though I have done recording in pro studio with ADATs).

    Anybody have an opinion on the best firewire A/D interface for $300 or less? The M-Audio stuff looks chintzy, and from reviews, they seem to have a kind of spotty record. I was leaning toward the Presonus firebox, which comes with a lite version of Cubase, but that box doesn't seem to get anywhere near to a great rating, either.

    I really just want something for doing acoustic guitar/vocal, with the option to go in afterward and put in some guitar and rhythm tracks. So, I'd like to get a decent sound with as few computer hassles as possible, as little latency as possible (though I haven't yet experienced it for myself), and enough preamp quality to make it worth my while with an SM58 (that's the only mic I can afford to use now, since I already own one).

    So, am I dreaming, for $300? (That's what I'll pay for the Presonus firebox or the M-Audio 410).

    Another option I've been mulling--find a MOTU 828 or 896 firewire on ebay. Is 44k alright (the 828), or should I be going for the 96K?

    Okay, I've spewed out a lot for my first post--my apologies, I'm an absolute newbie!
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    Get the Firebox, and I doubt you'll find a really noticable difference between 44k and 96k, not for your needs anyway. I've got a Mackie Onyx 400f which goes all the way up to 192k and I've yet to set it that high.

    A friend of mine owns the Firebox, another friend owns a Firepod, both friends are very happy with how they perform. It's second hand experience, I know, but I have to agree with you, the M-audio stuff does seem a little chintzy.

    Can I make a mic suggestion? I recently ordered a Kel Audio HM-1 and I love it on vocals and to get the warmth from an acoustic guitar, I use one coupled with a plain old SM57 and I can get a sound from an acoustic guitar that I really like. The HM-1 is $99 USD including shipping, I'm not sure if you'll find a better deal than that.
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    There you go: (Dead Link Removed)
  4. TeddyG

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    Jan 20, 2005
    $300, or less? Yes, you're dreaming... So what? Get the "pretty one" and start recording! When you outgrow it(If ever) get something "better".

    Whip that credit card upon them!

  5. jmezz

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    budget interface (thanks)

    Thanks for the advice, Christian and TG. I think the firebox is definitely the best bet. It's off to the Guitar Center I go (they have a "don't pay for fifteen months" credit card offer--a deal with the devil, I know, but it's the only way to clear this with the wife!). Have you guys used Cubase? The firebox comes with a stripped version of it...

    Christian, thanks for the advice on the mic, too--I hadn't heard of that one. I did have my eye on one of the lowest-end AKG condensers, which I think lists for about $150. Any thoughts on those entry-level AKG mics?

  6. xian

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    Cubase is awesome and really easy to use. I havent used any of the lower end AKG's, Audio Technica makes really decent low priced LD condensers though. I'd seriously consider the HM-1. Do a search for it on here and read what people have said about it.
  7. jmezz

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    Thanks, Christian--I will definitely take a hard look at the HM-1. I'm looking at a Rode, too, that lists for $200. I'm going to try and actually demo these before buying.

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